You’re invited to the biggest PJ party ever…


On the 22nd November you can join in with our celebrities and hold your own Alder Hey PJ part at home to support the cause. We'll keep you posted on our social media channels about some special surprise and how you can get involved so keep your eyes peeled.

Get involved and join in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #GetYourStripes

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Check out our top tips on how to host the best PJ party. We have fun activities for the kids, games and arts and crafts to bring out their creative side. Why not get the kid's involved in our fun PJ party activities below...

How To Build A Blanket Fort

  • 1. Firstly find a safe place with lots of space to start building your blanket fort.
  • 2. Gather as many blankets, pillows and sheets to create the den.
  • 3. Find some chairs or other objects to hold the blankets up.
  • 4. Drape the sheets or blankets over the chairs and pin in place with safety pins or pegs .
  • 5. Now add some cushions and more blankets to make the inside even more cosy.
  • 6. There you have it, a blanket fort! You can even add a door by draping the sheets across the front.

How To Play Sleeping Lions

Gather the kid’s together to play a game of sleepy lions. This game will help them wind down after a fun filled sleepover and get them ready for bedtime.

  • 1. Pick 1-2 kids at random to be the hunters whilst all the other players lie still on the floor with their eyes closed pretending to be asleep (snoring optional!)
  • 2. The hunter’s prowl through the room attempting to make the sleeping lions laugh by telling jokes, making silly noises etc. However the hunters are not allowed to touch the lions!
  • 3. If a lion moves they are tapped on the shoulder and must get up to join the hunters
  • 4. The last child on the floor wins!

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Fun 'n' Games

Fun 'n' Games

We have an excellent range of toys and games to keep the whole house entertained, from board games, puzzles and more.


How Did They Get Their Stripes?

Make Your Own Goody Bag!

A party wouldn’t be complete without that all important goody bag. Get creative and make your own then fill with goodies for all under £5.

Goody Bags >Gifts under £5 >

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Matalan is helping to raise funds to enable Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to deliver life-changing research into childhood conditions like arthritis, cancer and diabetes. 100% of the profits from sales from the #GetYourStripes product goes directly to Alder Hey.