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Now the Christmas decorations have been packed away until next December, my house seems so bland and boring. As a result, I’ve been pouring over Matalan’s new Spring Summer 2017 range for a few things to fill the dull gap left by the hundreds of fairy lights that adorned our living room over the festive season.

With January and February being the coldest and darkest months of the year, it seems so wrong to rid our homes of all things sparkly and colourful, doesn’t it? Surely we need more joy in our lives at the start of a new year, not less.

Pay a visit to my home and one of the first things that you’ll realise is that, at any given time or in any particular room, you’re only a handful of steps away from a blanket or a throw. I love them. They’re so decorative, and so incredibly practical – especially during the colder months – and make any sofa or bed instantly cosier and more welcoming.

So it will come as no surprise that my top pick from Matalan’s new arrivals is this gorgeous faux mohair stripe throw. It comes in both duck egg and blush pink and is insanely soft to the touch. Seriously, drape this over yourself and you could happily sleep away the winter months under it.

With green set to be the colour we all want in our homes in 2017 (greenery is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017), I decided to take the duck egg rather than the blush pink throw and style it in two different ways, also baring in mind another key trend for this year … the tribal look (think African meets Aztec), which is perfect for adding a pop of pattern and colour to a room.

In the living room, I added the throw to my favourite dove grey armchair – a blanket is perfect for warming up your legs while watching TV or reading a book. I teamed it with an embroidered cushion (the stitching and detail on Matalan’s cushions is incredible) and added a gorgeous giraffe for interest and a little ceramic jar candle for a spot of colour – the yellow stripe, while tiny, really brightens up the whole scene.

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1. Faux Mohair Stripe Throw

2. Tribal Crewel Rectangle Cushion

3. Resin Giraffe

4. Ceramic Jar Candle

5. Large Faux Mongolian Fur Cushion

In the bedroom, I introduced more of the yellow in form of a white bedding set with beautiful yellow and grey stitching and a tribal triangle print cushion. I also added a mini glass hurricane lamp and the giraffe to my bedside table to add more of the tribal theme.

Having the throw draped on the end of the bed stops everything from feeling too summery – the beautiful duck egg colour complements the yellow so well and the throw itself adds some much needed texture and warmth to our bed with the nights being so cold at the moment. We all need an extra layer at this time of the year, don’t we?

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1. Faux Mohair Stripe Throw

2. Tribal Triangle Print Cushion

3. Geometric Fan Printed Oxford Edge Duvet Set

4. Jacquard Elephant Cushion

5. LED Glass Hurricane