Beauty, baby & lifestyle blogger Millie Naomi shares her special Mother’s Day memories & plans for this year.

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As I approach the second Mother’s Day that I am lucky enough to be celebrating as a mother myself, my thoughts have turned to those happy memories I share with my own mum and how they have shaped my own parenting approach with Florence. My mum gave her children the most secure, warm and loving childhood and there are so many special moments I often remember that I hope I can pass onto my own daughter. The greatest gift that my mum gave me was her time and patience. This is invaluable to a young person growing up and dealing with so many new and challenging situations. She created a safe, nurturing home that was always filled with silliness, lots of storybooks and tins full of homemade cakes. I hope I can recreate a happy little place like this for Florence even if my Victoria Sponge will never quite be as good as my mum’s!


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This Mother’s Day, all I really wish for is a lovely day spent with Florence and my mum, doing the things we love to do together. Taking a walk, playing on the swings (that’s Florence, not me!) and enjoying tea and cake. One thing I would love to receive though is this set of 4 cake plates from Matalan as they would be absolutely perfect to serve up my latest homemade creation on. Oh and a new mug for my endless cups of Earl Grey would be a real treat too. I’ve got my heart set on this heart print mug which would sit very prettily amongst my overflowing mug collection.


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