How to wear frills for every body shape

Frills are big news this season. Read on to discover how to wear them for every body type. 

Frills: on first thought they might remind you of an extravagant wedding dress from the 80s, or perhaps you have fond memories of wearing them at your childhood birthday party? Well, we’ve got news for you, frills are no longer flouncy and loud, they’ve ditched their fussy stereotype and undergone a chic makeover. Now sporting a style that’s considered flirty and feminine, they’re set to be a big trend this season. But the question is, how should you wear them? To help you master this tricky trend, we’ve revealed our ruffle-rocking secrets for every body type.

If you’ve got an hourglass figure

Your goal is to accentuate your curves by emphasising your waist.

Pictured above: Schiffley Lace Bardot Top – £10.00, Embroidered Skirt

High-waisted trousers or jeans with a frilled hem are ideal for hourglass figures, as they will flare out in line with the hips, drawing focus to your enviable silhouette. They will also give your ankles a feminine feel. Likewise, a tight, frilly off the shoulder top will draw attention to your structured collarbone and waist. Tuck this into high-waisted jeans or a pencil skirt to showcase your lust-worthy curves.

If you’ve got a pear figure

Your hips are the widest part of your body, meaning your lower half of your body is wider than your top half. Your fashion goal is to emphasise your small waist and arms.

Pictured above: Ruffle High Neck Top – £10.00, Jessie High Waisted Jeans – £10.00

A figure-hugging polo neck with romantic ruffles around the neck and sleeves will highlight your small upper body. These kind of frills will give the illusion of a thinner neck and wrists too. Tuck the top into high-waisted jeans to really flaunt your top half. Alternatively, you could team this with a pencil skirt — this will smooth down the thighs and decrease the appearance of wider hips.

If you’ve got an apple figure

You have a slim lower half and carry the most weight around the middle. Your goal is to slim down your mid-drift and draw attention to your proudest assets: your shoulders and legs.

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A loose-fitting dress with ruffled shoulders is ideal, as it will flow over your mid-section and show off your legs and shoulders. Another option would be to opt for a boxy shirt with a ruffled hem to disguise your tummy. Pair this with skinny jeans to emphasise your slim legs.

If you’ve got a straight, athletic figure

You’re not very curvy and your hips are around the same size as your waist. Your fashion goal is to create more of a defined waist by accentuating your hips and bust to make them appear slightly larger.

Pictured above: Spot Print High Neck Dress – £15.00, Frill Shift Dress – £16.00

Opt for a tie waist dress with ruffles around the top half. This will not only enhance your chest area, but will also create flowing curves that show off your tiny waist. Likewise, a frilled high neck dress with an elasticated waist will nip you in, creating prominence at the hips and waist whilst flattering your top half.

Other factors to bear in mind…

As well as considering your body type when wearing frills, there are a few other things worth bearing in mind:

  • Always stick to one ruffle at a time — combining too many at once can look unflattering. Frills make a strong statement on their own so should always be given their own spotlight.
  • Don’t go too wild with accessories as these can be distracting.
  • If you’re not looking to make a big statement, opt for ruffles in neutral colours — this will soften them and make them more wearable.

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