With such a mild autumn behind us I feel like winter has really come as a shock to me and my
family. As soon as I had started boxing up the Christmas decorations it seemed like the weather
decided that it was going to get a lot wetter and a lot colder. The return of the pink nose season is
here and what better way to embrace it than with some new cosy clothes for my two boys.

I want to share my top five picks from the boys fashion range.

Top of my list is the Boys Hooded Technical Parka Jacket its worth shouting about because its wind proof, water proof and extra warm. It has added little extras such as being able to tighten the cuffs which keeps the cold out and little gloves on! I would do anything to reduce the odd glove collection in our house. Where do those other gloves go?

My two boys seem to have this uncontrollable urge to find a puddle and test its splashing potential. We have ruined many pairs of suede boots and I’m hoping this is the year I learn to change what I dress them in because lets face it they’ll never learn to stop splashing in muddy puddles! I love these Paw Patrol wellies and I know that they’ll be a hit with most little ones. ‘A pups gotta do what a pups gotta do!’

There are so many great styles of jumpers available I could just pick one! These three are my favourite. The knitted jumper is just fab as a smart alternative and looks amazing with a shirt underneath.Whereas the other two jumpers are so fun! With the 3D tongue sticking out! Why are there clothes like this for adults!

A practical choice (Sorry guys!) are these thermal tops which are a life saver during the winter months. My boys play loads of outdoor sports and simply popping one of these underneath their kits has not only made them happier but made me feel confident that we are doing our best to keep winter colds at bay!

My last pick and in many ways my favourite is the dressing gown and slippers! For when you venture home out of the cold and snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a film. I hope these items inspire you to enjoy the outdoors this winter and make it a little more fun for your little ones!