The History Of The Family Holiday

We're all so used to packing our suitcases with skimpy summer essentials, and jetting off on our holidays every year, so it's hard to imagine that this hasn't always been the norm. Here at Matalan, we wanted to find out more about how everything began, so we've been looking into the history of holidays to see how the traditions and trends have grown and changed over time.

We've charted the past 50 years of holidays, from the birth of the package holiday and the appearance of the bikini, all the way to the rise of the popular holiday destinations we all know and love today. What started the bikini trend? Where was the most popular holiday destination in the 70s? What effect did the Channel Tunnel have on our holiday habits? Simply scroll across our handy timeline and discover the evolution of holidays, from the 60s all the way through to today.