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George Lamb

We talk suits with tv personality George Lamb

Can you tell us a bit about yourself...

“I’m a TV and radio host and have been doing that for around 10 years, so that’s my main gig. I also make TV and radio shows and before doing that I managed bands, owned a restaurant and even had my own suit company.”

What is your favourite suit from the Taylor & Wright collection?

“The Hopkins tailored fit suit is my favourite by far. I’m quite a tall person so opted for a longer fit, which looks great on. In terms of fabrics, if I had to pick one kind of all round fabric I’d go for a wool blend just like this, it drapes well and looks really smart. I also like 3 piece suits, because when I wear them I feel sharp and this suit works well because the cut is nice.”

What would you wear to a job interview?

“If I was going for a job interview, depending on the kind of job it would be, I would either go for something classic like the Newman suit or a more formal 3 piece suit like Paddington. You need to look like you mean business. Alternatively, I might wear separate pieces, like style a pair of smart trousers with a slightly different coloured top and not wear a tie, kind of Pep Guardiola style”.


How to feel stylish, slick and sharp in a suit - George Lamb talks through the Taylor and Wright collection and reveals his top tips to achieve the ultimate suited and booted look.

George Lamb George Lamb
The one amazing thing about a suit is that however you feel, once you put a suit on you instantly feel sharp and slick... like you can take on the world.
George Lamb