With a love of the outdoors and family heritage in Whitstable, Debbie Le aka @TheFashionablePan, husband Luke, son Roman and daughter Rosie chat about their much loved trip out to the beach and how they plan to make long lasting family memories over the summer.

We’re a family who love the outdoors and going on family day trips, so anything from visiting the local parks to exploring different cities and heading down to the coast.

We’ve been coming to Whitsable in Kent ever since the kids were babies; Luke’s granny lived in Whitstable so we like to call it our spiritual home. The kids love it and there’s so much for them to see and do, it’s quintessentially English and just a great place for families. Before lockdown we would come at least once or twice a month and the kids have missed it terribly. So did Luke and I!

It’s been lovely to be able to venture back now that things are easing back to normal. Today has involved lots of cake, ice cream and the kids favourite - crabbing. The moment they catch the first crabs, their joy is priceless!

Balancing work and creating quality time with the kids has been the toughest challenge of lockdown, but now we can plan fun activities for the weekend and especially after we log off at the end of the day. Even if it can't be a full day out to the beach, an evening bike ride or a stroll to the woods is also a family winner. Telling the kids what the plans are so they have something to look forward to really helps as well. Having a day in, then a day out works for us too. As sometimes all they want to do is have a lazy day at home in front of the TV and that’s ok too!

1.I love to twin with my girl and these matching yellow striped linen dresses are perfect for a summer’s day out. They’re really light, soft, comfortable to wear and stylish too. I love the button down on my dress, which can also act as a shirt beach cover up!

2. A pair of ripped denim shorts and this skull head tee is the perfect pairing for my boy. He loves skulls and chose it himself! He thinks he looks super cool!

3. It's all about the accessories! I love the detail on these sandals, and a straw bag always finishes off any summer look perfectly.