a postcard from zoe hardman

Zoe Hardman is a talented TV presenter and mum to baby daughter, Luna. We catch up with her to talk weddings, family and most importantly fashion.

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Ibiza Wedding Bells

1.    How did Paul propose?
It was Christmas evening, we had hired a house in Bath to spend time with all of our family. That morning he had already told me that he wanted to treat me to a glass of champagne and to get dressed up as we'd only had our baby Luna three months prior. I was desperate for some bubbles, but he insisted on walking around Bath Abbey. When we reached the square, in front of the 30 foot Christmas tree, Paul knelt down and popped the question. What a romantic!
2.    What was it that drew you to get married in Ibiza?
We've always loved Ibiza since we were teenagers. Having spent countless holidays here, it holds a very special place in our hearts.
3.   Who’s on your guest list?
It’s a real mix, including Mike and Zara Tindall, Denise van Outen, Caroline Flack and many more. The one person who I’ll be missing most is my late Father, Peter. I'm just so happy my Mum will be walking me down the aisle and that my sister is Maid of Honour.

body positive

1.    What are your top tips on staying body confident on holiday after having a baby?
I think for me the most important thing is about preparation. None of us feel at our most confident after having a baby. I felt less confident about my boobs because I have breast fed Luna, so I spent a little more time this year hunting for perfect swimwear, to enhance my other good features.
I think what's key is looking after the bits you can, hydrating lots with water, putting lots of moisturising treatments in your hair and ensuring that your skin feels moisturised and soft.
A great kaftan and sun hat cover all manner of sins. I can't wait to wear my sun, sea and sand Matalan hat this trip.
2.    What are your top tips for staying in shape this summer?
 I've always had to be very health conscious due to my job and have worked out regularly, but having a baby means you have little or no time. My top tips are high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions in the park with a friend.
I also try and drink 2 litres of water a day and substitute white carbs for a healthy alternative, like sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa.

holiday bliss

1.    What are your top 3 things to do in Ibiza?
My first would be to head to an amazing beach restaurant like El Chirringuto at Es Caveat for some amazing seafood. I love to head to the Old Town to check out all of the great shops and bars – my favourite restaurant is La Bodega for tapas. My other favourite thing to do is to get my glad rags on and head to Pasha on a Sunday night.
2.    What are your top tips for mums on holiday with young babies?
I love holidaying with my daughter and step-daughter, but it's really important to remember what they love to do. They both love to collect shells on the beach.
Me and Paul always try to find locations and places which have some sort of kids club, so they can interact with other children and we can have a bit of a break.
Sun cream, hats and a blow up pool toy and you are set.
3.    Describe a typical day in the life while on holiday.
Get up, do a 20 minute HIIT session or walk with my baby, eat a healthy breakfast of fruit and yoghurt and head down to the beach.
4.    What are your hand luggage essentials?
A copy of Grazia is always in my handbag and of course some great headphones to listen to my music, which tends to be Ibiza chill out tunes.
5.    What holiday destinations are on your bucket list?
Argentina, because I'm obsessed with the culture. I would love to head to Japan and Bora Bora and I'm still yet to go to Croatia, which I continually hear is beautiful.
6.    Where do you and Paul plan to go away next?
We plan to head to Kenya, where I spent a lot of my childhood, so we can visit my Mum and show Luna my happy place.

Chic on the Beach

1.    Describe your holiday style.
Tropicana beach with a hint of boho.
2.    How do you accessorise on the beach?
I tend to wear a big floppy hat, loads of gold jewellery and sometimes an arm cuff if I feel like being glamorous.
3.    One-piece or bikini?
I like to mix it up. I'm currently loving my tropical one-piece.
4.    Who is your style icon?
Olivia Palermo.

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