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Stay warm in the cold

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark, but it’s also time to get in shape. Don’t just accept that getting fit in winter means putting up with chilly weather; wrap up warm for your workout (without resorting to wearing your old Christmas jumper at the running track) in our line of stylish workout hoodies.

Quilted dreams

You might be dreaming of a wholly different sort of quilt when your alarm goes off at 6 am, but the stylish Quilted Sports Jacket by Souluxe has been designed to look as good as it feels. Made with a polyester-elastane mix hood and sleeves for added stretch, the jacket features a grey quilted body and zip-front fastening.

Gym body ready

Whether you’re looking to bulk up, slim down or do a bit of both, we think everybody has the perfect gym body, which is why our range starts at a size small and goes up to XXL.

Channel Rocky

Ever since we watched Rocky working out in a grey hoodie, going for a run without a hood just doesn’t seem quite right. Channel your inner legend and take a look at our line of hoodies that are guaranteed to turn you into a champ.

No workout needed

Sure, our hoodies and gym wear are great for when you’re working out, but is this an absolute necessity? No, of course not. The stylish hoodies, zip-ups and workout tops are just as suitable for lounging around the house or nipping to the shops in as they are for heading to the gym. So, if you want to look the part without having to actually work up a sweat, we’ve got you covered. Pop on a sweatband and we’re sure no one will know the difference anyway.

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