March sees the return of International Women’s Day. A global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year the theme is”Women in the changing world of work” and calls on people across the globe to help create a better working world for women and push for more gender inclusion.

Kate Thornton

Journalist and Founder of TB Seen

Kate Thornton talks careers, confidence and power dressing with Denise on the latest episode.

This is super comfy, wear to the office, meeting but also meet with the girls with trainers rather than heels

If someone has lost their confidence and wants to get back out there? (work, socially etc)

“We do when we have children lose identity, we become so exhausted, can’t form sentence, let alone a intelligent thought – if I need a confidence kick I call a friend – put your shoulders back, head up & also just dive into your wardrobe, even if youre not feeling good the part you can look the part – get your game face on and style it out!”

How can you make yourself feel more confident in your wardrobe choices?

“Big meeting? Always wear a heel, a blazer can be a bit of a game changer, it makes you kinda hold your shoulders back & also it sounds really ridiculous but good underwear – it holds you up, gives you support”

Do you believe in power dressing for a woman?

“You dress to feel good, so there’s things you can put on & immediately you feel stronger in them & better.”



Marie Claire’s Fashion Director Tanya Philipson reveals the do’s and don’ts of work wear dressing and how to dress for success on this weeks The Show.

At Marie Claire our motto is, think smart look amazing
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How do you take it from the catwalk into the work place?

“We always make sure that she is comfortable in what she’s wearing but it has to be right for the job/environment that she’s in - dilute it, tone it down and see what suits you.”

Key pieces for dressing in work place?

“I would say the trouser suit – the power suit. Accessories, accessories! The key statement necklace , a great handbag , a good scarf”

Dressing for a job interview?

“Think about your image. Stay true to your style, think about the job you’re going for and make sure it’s appropriate. Colour blocking is great for everyone – but don’t overdo it and be confident in what you’re wearing!”

Paula Moore

Fashion Director of Woman Magazine

Share a quote that inspires and motivates you?

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

How will International Women’s Day inspire you this 2017?

International Women’s Day is when I meet up with my closest girlfriends. We meet for a very long lunch which usually involves wine and put the world to rights! International Women’s Day is a day to remember how far we’ve all come.

How does what you wear to work prepare you for the day and challenges ahead?

Working in fashion, I’m lucky that I’m not restricted to what I can wear so I dress for my mood and the day ahead. Heels are a must! They make me walk tall and feel confident. Comfort is also key so I wear platforms or block heels rather than stilettos or if I running around town, I wear my wedge trainers!


1. Look your best, as you will feel your best

2. Take criticism seriously but not personally

3. Listen well so that you can hear what is not said


Deputy Editor of Ideal Home

Share a quote that inspires and motivates you?

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." John C. Maxwell.

How will International Women’s Day inspire you this 2017?

Reading the stories of these wonderful women is truly inspirational and a reminder of how far we've come. It will motivate me to push that little bit harder to achieve my goals.

How does what you wear to work prepare you for the day and challenges ahead?

Wearing an outfit that looks good and makes me feel like me is like my armour when I go out in the morning. It says calm, confident and able to deal with anything even if that's not quite how I'm feeling on the inside!


1. Always give yourself enough time to research and prepare. Knowledge is power!

2. Perception is everything. Think about how your actions might be coming across to your colleagues.

3. Stay organised. A tidy desk = a tidy mind - ready to tackle anything that's thrown at you!

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