Whether you’ve got the moves or not, it’s undeniable that a good dance can release those happy endorphins we could all use a bit more of right now. This week, we caught up with the amazing Illanna Gambrill of @danceboxofficial , who chats to us about her popular online dance classes, the mood enhancing power of dancing and her Souluxe faves from our collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was a professional dancer for nearly 10 years and my Dance Box classes were born 6 years ago. I wanted to create a safe space for non-dancers and dancers alike to be free, lose their insecurities, feel empowered and have fun.

What are the classes all about?

Positivity, energy and escapism! Each lesson we warm up, cover body conditioning, then learn a choreographed routine, finishing with a wind down and feel good vibes at the end. Always to up tempo, empowering tracks.

Who are the dance classes for?

For everybody, dancer or never danced before, whatever your shape, size, ability. You might find it challenging but it's more about the feeling and energy you get rather than perfecting the moves.

How can we give it a go?

My online classes are fantastic, especially for those who hate the thought of dancing in front of other people. Log on in the comfort of your own home and expect an incredible amount of energy from me.

You road tested our Souluxe range, did it pass the test?

Yes! The fit and stretch are amazing, no falling down and tons of support. My bum felt great in the leggings and the design details are spot on. I’m a total convert.

Finally, any tips for any budding Beyonces with two left feet?!

Just don’t overthink it, let everything go and dance like no one's watching. My motto in life is - ‘be unapologetically you, love all, worry less, dance more!’

You’re definitely going to want to feel secure whatever your bra size, it’s all about the fit, and this style was firm enough but still super comfy. Love the sexy v-cut and the print is so cool - I’m obsessed.

sports bra

Leggings with ultra stretch and high waist bands give great shape benefits. I love these for their two ways to wear style, rolling down the band to my hips when I want to really shake my stuff!

shop leggings

Pre and post class, cool layers are a must. Made in thick, super soft fabric, this hoodie is so cosy. I’m all about the positive message and I love the thumb hole detail at the sleeve too.

shop hoodies

This grey set is hands down my favourite. In fact I love it so much, I wore the top with some baggy jeans last week! I especially like the long sleeves, plus the flash of snakeskin print feels fresh and cool.

shop tops
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