With Christmas and New Year approaching, influencer @ChaneenSaliee and her family are looking forward to spending quality time together and getting dressed to impress. Here they share their Christmas in style, as Chaneen picks out her top 3 pieces from our collection, including a gorgeous girl’s must-have, an easy style upgrade for her hubby and a festive wardrobe essential for herself.

This year for Christmas we are going to be spending time with family, it’s a tradition - the same every year but something tells me it’ll be extra special this year having everyone together again after such a long time. All the ‘babies’ are so much bigger and a lot more active so there’ll be even more dancing and fun too.

I’m really looking forward to letting our routine go a little and enjoy the moment and each other’s presence. I’ve focused much more energy on being thoughtful about gifts or activities that will bring us all together and make lovely memories. Something that I hope we will carry forward into 2021.

Of course, we will be dressing up over Christmas, it’s a must! Although we’ll be spending it indoors, it’s still a great excuse to get our party pieces on. This year we will be going full on festive in gorgeous reds, golds and creams, I am so excited about it.

My favourite piece for myself is this soft off the shoulder jumper. It’s super versatile, perfect for Christmas and beyond which is really important to me, I like to know I am getting the most wear out of my clothes. It’s warm and cosy and the off the shoulder feature makes it incredibly stylish.

For the girls I love these dresses, they’re super cute and they make both of them very happy. And the shoes! They are so beautiful and the perfect shade of red for Christmas but they’re also great to add colour to any outfit.

For B I chose, and love, this suit and trouser set - oh I fancy him a lot in this set! It really does mean a lot to me to get the most wear out of our clothes, this is dressy enough for Christmas and for any special occasion afterwards. It’s clean cut and really makes Mr B look suave.

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