Stuck for what to get the father figure in your life this year? Tom Cox aka @UnlikelyDad, tells us about his perfect Father’s Day with husband Danny and their son Kai. Plus he gives us tips on what dads really want and picks his top 3 gifts.

I’ve always made an effort for my Dad on Fathers Day, and now it’s not only a day for our dads, but for us too, which is amazing. I'm looking forward to our son Kai (6) getting older as he’ll get it more and be even more involved.

This year of course Father's Day will feel very different. Usually we’d have our dads round, Kai’s grandads and the Nanny’s too and all go out for brunch to our favourite place. We’re really missing seeing them all, we’re hoping if the weather is nice we could have a socially distanced BBQ with the 6 of us in the garden, Kai would be over the moon.

When it comes to gifts, I’m all for the novelty and homemade varieties from Kai, whatever it is I don’t mind, the fact he’s chosen or taken the time to make something always melts my heart. One year he came back from nursery with the cutest card made from fish prints with his hands and it read “O-fish-aly the best dads” and I swear I cried! Loved it!

Danny and I always buy gifts for each other on Father's day, we leave Kai to the novelty and get each other nice surprises. To be honest this year if I could have ANYTHING I’d selfishly ask for a spa day. Just Danny and I. My god I love my son dearly but we’ve spent 11 weeks together now…a break would be pretty nice, just for the day, right about now! Either that or a lie in - just one morning, Kai if you’re reading this, take note!

Jokes aside, Father's Day and everyday, being a dad to Kai is simply a gift so great I can’t really put into words. It may sound like the biggest cliche, but being a dad has given my life a whole new purpose. A new reason to work harder, to love more and my heart honestly has grown in a way I never knew it could. It’s unbelievable. It’s to be experienced.

Love a wash bag for when we go away and when I’m away for work, I think this would be a really cute gift from Kai, I’ll always see him when I unpack.

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