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Baby Night Lights and Monitors

35 items

Make sure your little one has a great night’s sleep with the help of our baby night lights and monitors collection. Discover intelligent monitors featuring powerful movement detection technology so you can keep an eye on baby while they snooze. Help them drift off to sleep peacefully with our range of Angelcare animal projectors. Complete with colour-changing light functions, these handy projectors create a wonderful array of soothing patterns on the ceiling that baby will love to watch. Don’t forget to shop our nursery collection to find everything you need to create a cosy space for your little one.

35 items


Sweet dreams

Time for bed? Our collection of baby night lights and monitors offers everything you need to help your little one drift off into the sweetest slumbers. With cute characters, soothing songs and calming colour projections, these night lights make the perfect bedtime buddies, while our clever monitors ensure you can relax and enjoy some well-deserved rest, too.

Peace of mind

Keeping an eye on your little one through the night is easy with our baby monitors. Featuring the latest movement sensor technology, these devices will monitor all the slightest wriggles without baby even knowing they’re there. As well as being able to see and hear your baby, you can even play a lullaby and monitor the temperature in the nursery, so you know they’re comfortable and safe.

Soft glow

Illuminate your baby’s room to the perfect level with our selection of night lights. You’ll find wall-mounted and plug-in lights that are suitable for all ages, from newborn upwards, and can help you establish a peaceful bedtime routine. Our collection includes musical projectors that can create everything from a beautiful underwater world to a colourful starry sky, all while playing soft music to lull your little one to sleep. Ah, bliss.

Cuddly critters

Treat your little one to a cute bedtime companion with our night lights that double up as fluffy toys. There’s a whole array of fluffy friends to collect – each with its own gentle glow that will light up the nursery as baby dozes off. With adorable designs and easy-to-use technology, these toys come with removable night light modules for easy cleaning, making them a great gift for any new parent!