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Women's Dressing Gowns

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Browse our chic dressing gowns for women today – perfect for cosy evenings in front of the TV. From fun polka dot to stylish animal print, our women’s robes come in a huge variety of designs to suit your taste. Snuggle up in ultra-soft fleece dressing gowns complete with a zip and tie – great for layering over your favourite pair of pyjamas. Or make cold winter mornings slightly more bearable with our Waffle women’s dressing gown. Simply team with one of our women’s pyjama sets for the ultimate look. Shop the complete nightwear range now to find new favourites.

8 items

A dressing gown is the ultimate home comfort

Sometimes getting warm can be a struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your pyjamas, loungewear, a jumper or even several pairs of socks – sometimes, it’s just too cold. However, there is something that might help you fight the chill in the air, and that’s one of our amazing dressing gowns.

A dressing gown for all women

Dressing gowns made to fit all women, after all, everyone deserves to be super cosy when sitting in their own home. You’ll find these dressing gowns available in sizes six to 20 and you’ll also find them in an array of styles. From Jacquard hooded dressing gowns to textured and fleece designs to three-quarter length dressing gowns, we’ve got everyone’s needs covered.

Chic comfortable robes

Just because you’re keeping comfortable, doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing while you do it. Throughout our dressing gown selection, you’ll find something just right for your style. From floral and snow leopard prints to checks, spots, stripes and even ones with lace detailing, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Dressing gown all weekend? Go on then

If you don’t have a dressing gown, you’re missing out. The ultimate comfort for those lazy weekends, there’s nothing better than getting out of bed, slipping one of these on and sitting on the sofa with a coffee and morning television as you unwind after a long working week.

Fluffy fleece women's dressing gowns

While there may be some months when it’s too warm for a dressing gown, when it comes to winter, you’ll thank yourself for investing in one. Whether you’re lounging on a weekend or you got caught in the cold on the way home, one of these is sure to warm you up in no time.

Give the gift of a comfortable dressing gown to mum, sister or daughter

Maybe you’ve got one, but, a dressing gown also makes a fabulous present. Bringing the gift of comfort, this is ideal for Christmas and birthdays, and is guaranteed to be the gift that just keeps on giving. Pair with our comfy PJs or a nighty for the ultimate gift.