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Women's Slippers

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Embrace those chilly winter nights or bright sunny summer days with women’s slippers from this collection. Treat yourself or someone special to a comfy pair of slipper boots or summer slippers and sliders right here. Super soft to touch, they’re available in a range of colours, so there’s something for everyone. Or channel classic cosy chic with mule slippers and faux fur sliders – the perfect finishing touch to your winter nightwear look! With a selection of sizes to choose from, our women’s fluffy slippers offer a superb fit. Shop now and stock up on snuggly pieces for the season ahead.

20 items

Let’s talk slippers

Ladies, it’s time to talk about slippers. They are an everyday must-have - especially if your home has tiles or wooden floors. Take a look at the huge range of slippers we have that make up part of the complete women’s footwear collection and get ready to get comfy.

Slippers that are warm underfoot

If you had all the carpets stripped out of your house to make way for stylish wooden floorboards and elegant hallway tiles, then we applaud your interior design skills but are you getting to the stage where you miss having something plush and warm underfoot? Don’t worry, we hear you and we’ve come up with fur-lined mule slippers and slipper boots as a result. So, you get all the comfort of the plushest carpet and all the style points of your wooden flooring.

Stay cosy with slipper boots

If you love lounging in your leggings while working from home but are fed up with having chilly ankles then slipper boots are the option for you! These fluffy, soft booties are just like wearing a thick pair of socks but are a little bit sturdier.

Nothing better than a novelty slipper

You can't wear bears or unicorns on your feet usually day to day. That's why we like to have a little fun with our slippers. We have lots of novelty slipper options that allow you to have a bit of fun with your footwear. From novelty Christmas slippers to character slippers. Explore now!

Give the gift of comfort

Have you got to get a gift for the mother-in-law or buying for someone who you don't know very well? Slippers are a great option because after all - who doesn't love some cute and comfy slippers? You really can't go wrong.