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Suit Trousers

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You deserve to treat yourself to some new special occasion essentials, and we think we’ll provide you with just what you’re after here at Matalan. If you’re a fan of your classics, we’ve stocked up on black suit trousers, blue suit trousers and navy suit trousers in abundance to make formal outfit building a breeze. Struggling to find the right fit for you? Fear not – our range covers regular, tailored, slim and skinny styles to ensure you feel as confident as you look sharp and sophisticated. And it doesn’t stop there – our suit trouser separates form a part of three-piece sets to ensure you’ll be able to coordinate your pairs with waistcoats and suit jackets!

23 items


Best leg forward

Jeans and jogging bottoms will get you so far, but after that you need to think smart. If you have an important date on the horizon, whether it’s a big day at work, dinner with the in-laws or your little sister’s wedding, we have an extensive range of formal trousers in a variety of sizes, colours and styles at thoroughly affordable prices.

Skinny style

Does it pain you to take your super skinny jeans off? If you have to go smart and skinny is your style then take a look at our Murdoch Skinny Fit trousers from Taylor & Wright. Crafted in soft fabric with a subtly textured diamond design, they feature an on-trend skinny fit and are guaranteed to be right up your street.

Lofty stature

Ever struggled to find trousers that fit just right? Fear not, we’ve got your back. Our Big and Tall range goes up to a size 44-inch waist and offers a selection of lengths too. Featuring a flexi waist which offers freedom of movement for a more comfortable fit, these are a staple item for your workwear line-up. Sorted.

Whatever colour floats your boat

Are you all up for a classic black when it comes to trousers? Maybe you’re a modern man of the world and like to rock a light grey? Neither of the above float your boat? How about a style-conscious navy blue? Our range of formal trousers come in a selection of colours so you can get the perfect pair for you.

Affordable style

If you’re planning your outfit for a big event, then you’ll want to invest in premium trousers that you’ll still be wearing in years to come. But, if you’re just looking for a spare pair for work then you might be thinking a little more frugally. Whatever your budget and whatever your taste, we’ve got you covered with our range which starts from as little as £9.

Who has time to iron?

There are few things more boring than ironing. A sure-fire way to remind yourself that the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to the grindstone is standing over the ironing board for hours at a time getting your (or even worse, the whole family’s) clothes pressed ready for the week ahead. But what if, whisper it, we didn’t need to iron? Or at the very least, we ironed once and then didn’t have to think about it again? What if we purely wore clothes that would stay crease free for days at a time? Well, our range of crease-resistant men’s formal trousers might just be the first step in getting the whole of Sunday to yourself.

Taylor & Wright

Style gurus Taylor & Wright surely share this dream which is why their flat front trousers have been created using crease-resistant materials. These stylish trousers feature Taylor & Wright’s impeccable tailoring which makes them perfect for work, formal occasions or just those moments when you need to impress. And all without the help of a portable trouser press!

Size variety

Men come in all shapes and sizes, fact. That’s why our crease-resistant range starts at a waist size 30 and goes up to a size 44. If you’re long or short of leg, then choose from a selection of suit trouser lengths too. Sorted.

Affordable style

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great, (in fact, if you only learn one thing from us, let it be that). Our crease-resistant trousers feature all of the classic styles of a pair of bespoke suit trousers from a high-end tailor but with a thoroughly affordable price. Plus, they’re fully machine washable and won’t crease up the second you move, nice.