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Boys Footwear

84 items

Get your little man ready for all occasions with our selection of boys’ footwear. Does he need school shoes for the new term or black shoes for a formal event? If so, Matalan have got him covered. We also stock a wide range of summer shoes and winter boots so that he’ll be ready to play safely and stylishly whatever the weather. Other options include Velcro trainers, canvas shoes, and wellie boots, as well as a wide range of soft sole shoes and baby boots for tiny tots.

84 items


New term cool

The new school term is on the horizon. You’ve purchased his uniform, his PE kit is sorted and his pencil case is in hand. But what about his school shoes? If you’re looking for comfy, affordable school footwear that should see him through until the summer hols then look no further.

Slip into something snug 

There’s something undeniably sweet about kids’ pyjamas. Maybe it’s because the sight of them reminds you that they’ll always be your baby (no matter how big they get) or maybe it’s just because you know they can’t get up to any mischief when they’re fast asleep! Want to know a sure-fire way to make them even cuter? Simply pair their adorable PJs with some even more adorable slippers. Our comfy, cosy slippers range is snug enough for them and cute enough for you. 

Wellies made for puddle splashing 

Whatever the season, you can always guarantee a fair few wet days. Whether you’re trudging through snow in winter or skipping through sun-dappled fields in the summer, wellies will always come in handy (especially for kids who do more than their fair share of splashing in puddles). With our range of sizes and styles, your little one will fall in love with their wellies meaning you can let them jump into as many puddles as they like.

Teeny tiny tootsies 

Is your baby starting to toddle yet? Do you need something sturdy for them to take their first steps in? Maybe they’re nowhere near that stage but you want some super cute party shoes? Whatever their age, whatever their shoe needs, our range of newborn and baby shoes (which includes baby trainers, smart shoes, slippers and flip flops) is sure to keep their tiny tootsies comfy, warm and happy.