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Disney Character Shop

340 items

Disney fans listen up! Here at Matalan we have all the Disney clothing & apparel you've been dreaming of. Whether Elsa from frozen is your daughters’ favourite Disney princess or your baby boy loves Winnie the Pooh, we've got lots of character themed pieces to choose from. Disney isn't just for kids that’s why we've got Men's and Women's Disney clothing too, because who doesn’t want to go to bed in Disney Pyjamas. Matalan also stock a wide range of fancy-dress options including your favourite Disney characters like Belle, Rapunzel and Ikarus. Our Disney range is not limited to clothing we also have accessories like earmuffs, bags, footwear & baby accessories too.

340 items


Fall in love with Disney all over again

Do you remember when you fell in love with Disney? Maybe you had Disney toys as a baby and can’t remember life before it? However fully grown you are now, take a trip down memory lane by checking out our extensive Disney collection, which features children’s clothes, toys, accessories and even an item or two suitable for grownups. You’re going to fall in love all over again.

Disney dress up

Dressing up is all the rage for little ones. Whether there’s a special party on the horizon or just a rainy Saturday in the house, our collection of Disney fancy dress items are sure to put a huge smile on their faces. And, when you see them dressed as Snow White, Princess Elsa or Buzz Lightyear, it’ll put a smile on your face, too.

Holiday shop

You’ve got yourself a new bikini and the perfect outfit for your first night but what about the kids? If you’re on the hunt for clothing for the summer sun then you’ll be very happy with our Disney collection. Featuring swimming costumes, surf suits, summer dresses and adorable t-shirts, the range starts from newborns and goes right the way up to 9 years of age.

Guilty pleasures

You love buying Disney goodies for your little ones, you do, but occasionally you can’t help but wish they made them in sizes that would fit you, too. We hear you and that’s why we stock women’s Disney PJs and knickers. So, you can get your Disney fix without resorting to a full princess outfit complete with a tiara (there’s always Halloween for that).

Cute and cosy onesies

Your baby looks cute in anything they wear, right? Nothing’s going to change that but when you see our Winnie the Pooh onesie complete with cute 3D ears and little bear paws, you might just have a new favourite.