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Women's Pyjamas Sets

90 items

90 items


Night-time delights

When you’ve locked the front door and shut out the world, all you really want is to be super comfy. To do that, you need to have a nightwear collection designed to take you from the sofa to your bed in complete warmth and cosiness. Here at Matalan, we have just the pyjama sets to do the job.

Perfect for relaxing

When the nights start getting dark earlier, you know the weather is about to take a sharp turn for the worse. If you’ve spent a while commuting from work, you know it’s going to take ages to get warm while at home. That’s why wrapping up in a pair of snuggly pyjamas for lounging on the sofa is just what you need.

Sleep in comfort

Even if the heating has been on, you know that sometimes the bed can be cold when you get in. Stop that fear of a cold bed with one of our pyjama sets, perfect for keeping you toasty as you sleep. Another advantage will be the morning time, as you’ll still be warm once you’ve removed the covers.

Wear all year

Of course, pyjamas aren’t just for the winter. You’ll still want to be cosy and comfy in the summer too. However, the pyjamas you wear in the winter won’t be the same as those summer ones. Luckily, our collection is filled with all types of pyjamas. From long-leg and long-sleeve styles and jumpsuits for the winter to strappy tops and shorts for the summer, there’s a pair here for all seasons.

Made to fit

Making sure there’s a pyjama set here for everyone, you’ll find sizes starting at a six and going up to a 20 so everyone can be super comfy. You’ll also find a mixture of plain and print designs in various colours to match your style.