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There’s nothing quite like your own bed, so make sure yours is as comfy and stylish as it can possibly be with the Matalan range of pillow cases, duvets, bed sheets and other bedding. With cotton-rich options to suit all styles, you can find embroidered duvet sets with matching pillow cases that will complement boho chic interiors, and others that might be better suited to classic, modern, and cosy bedrooms instead. We also stock a selection of attractive bedroom furniture, so you can treat your interiors to a chest of drawers, wardrobe, or storage unit to match your new bedding sets. 

816 items


What is the best fabric for bedding?

When it comes to choosing the perfect fabric for your bedding, cotton is often the best way to go. Soft against the skin, easy to care for and breathable too, cotton is also super clever in that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Those are just some of the reasons why cotton is so often used for duvet covers, bedsheets and pillowcases. Not only that, but cotton is also great for printing on, since its fibres absorb and retain ink better than synthetic fabrics. So, as well as being super comfy and simple to look after, you can find cotton bedding in all sorts of different designs to suit your individual style.

What is the best thread count for bedding?

A higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better bedding. If you’re looking for comfort and quality, a thread count between 180 and 400 is ideal, but anything higher is likely to be too heavy and hot. Anything lower, and the texture begins to get rough.

It’s important to choose bedding that helps you get a good night’s sleep, but don’t be deceived by a sky-high thread count. Numbers can sometimes run up to and over the 1,000 mark, but sheets and duvet covers with a thread count this high are more than likely to be of significantly lower quality than those between 180 and 400.

Should bedding match the colour of my walls?

As well as being a practical consideration, bedding can also be a style feature when coordinated well with the rest of your bedroom. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should match the colour of your bedding to your walls. Complementary colours often work better and add warmth to your space.

As with any interiors, a coordinated colour scheme tends to have more impact than a flat one. So, when you choose your bedding, think about making it stand out against the walls while aiming to match it to other finishings like your curtains, cushions and furniture. Additional decoration like wall prints and vases can then be used to introduce extra pops of colour.  

How to make my bed more cosy?

For ultimate comfort all night long, you’ll need plump pillows and either a soft, well-filled duvet for the winter months or a lightweight one for warmer nights. Then, you can make your bed irresistible with the addition of cosy extras like a couple of stylish cushions and a matching throw.

With pages and pages of cosy essentials, Matalan’s extensive range of well-priced, quality bedding is guaranteed tick all the right boxes. From duvets and mattress toppers to super soft and stylish covers, we’ll help you make your bed as cosy as can be.

How many sets of bedding should I have?

Each bed in the house should have three sets of bedding, including sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. That way, you’ll always have fresh sheets to hand, even when one is in the wash! Plus, having three different designs means you can switch up the style of your bedroom with ease.

So what are you waiting for? With a wide range of bedding available at affordable prices, Matalan is your go-to when you want to stock up your airing cupboard.