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Laundry Baskets

26 items

It’s never been easier to keep your washing neat and organised with our range of laundry baskets and bags at Matalan. With everything from pink velour baskets, laundry baskets with a lid to neutral white hampers available here, we offer plenty of choice with washing baskets that are both practical and stylish. For total convenience, opt for a durable, collapsible laundry basket that will fold away neatly after use. Or infuse a little fun into laundry day with our super cute animal-shaped wicker hampers to bring a dash of playful charm to your bathroom. Shop the complete collection below to find your favourite.

26 items


Conversation-starting laundry baskets

Laundry baskets are a part of family life. Whether yours lives in your bedroom, your bathroom or somewhere else entirely, your laundry basket is an indispensable part of the home but, let’s face it, it’s probably not your favourite item – until now! Our range of laundry baskets, part of the homeware collection, come in all sizes, all colours and are stylish enough that your next guest just might utter the phrase “ooh, I like your laundry basket. Where’s it from?”

Laundry corner

Got a spare corner in your bathroom where your laundry basket lives that’s never looked quite right? Well, then you’re in luck. Our stylish patterned washing baskets are the perfect storage solution for your laundry. Sliding snuggly into the corner, designs feature a lid and a removable fabric bag. Plus, there are matching items in our bathroom collection so you can give the whole room a new lease of life.

Sort your light and dark washing

How good are you at sorting out your lights from your darks? If your answer is “I’m not the problem in our house, thank you very much” then we’ve got something that will help the whole family. Our legendary lights and darks foldable laundry baskets have two separate compartments making laundry easier for the whole family.

Help hanging out the washing

There’s nothing like the smell of clean washing straight off the line, is there? If you know you should hang the washing outside but can’t face carrying a load of wet washing into the garden then we’ve got you. Simple, sturdy and very affordable, our plastic laundry baskets have handles for easy carrying and is just the thing for achieving that freshly-washed washing smell.