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Dinner Sets & Crockery Sets

67 items

Add a touch of luxury to your dining experience with our stylish dinner sets and crockery sets. Refresh your cupboards with high-quality 12-piece dinnerware sets, pasta bowls, gravy boats and more. Hosting a dinner party? Our serving bowls and nibble platters are just the thing to showcase delicious food and snacks for your guests. Stock up on white mugs or add a little character to your mug tree with fun alphabet cup designs. You’ll even find egg cups, soup bowls and trays here ‒ perfect for helping you serve a tasty lunch! Shop our plate sets and crockery now to find new favourites for the kitchen. 

67 items


Come dine with our dinner sets

It’s dinner party time. The white wine is chilling, the potato dauphinoise is bubbling and the soufflé is rising. In essence, the stage is set for a great evening. But have you considered your crockery? We don’t want to put a downer on things but if you plan on serving your world-class cuisine on a mish-mash selection of chipped plates then you haven’t thought this through. Take a look at the wide selection of dinner sets and crockery in our homeware collection and get ready to serve in style.

Plate sets for pet-lovers

Do you adore your dog or love your cat? Of course you do. Whether you’re a lover of Fidos or felines, we’ve got something for you. Our adorable cat and dog crockery selection feature different breeds of pets in a distinctive hand-drawn style. Perfect for eating toast off on a cold winter morning or for serving to guests at your stylish soirée.

12-piece plate sets

If you’re moving into a new home (or you know someone who is) then it might be time to invest in a brand-new 12-piece dinner set. With four side plates, four dining plates and four bowls, these matching sets come in a wide array of styles and designs and will look just great when you enjoy your first meal in your new dining room. Cosy!

Do you match your mugs to your dinner set?

Do you match or mismatch your mug collection? It’s a tricky one. On the one hand, a chic set of matching mugs looks very minimalist and cool but then on the other hand, there’s something lovable about a wide array of mugs in different shapes and sizes. We can’t answer the question for you but we can encourage you to check out our huge mug collection and decide for yourself once and for all.