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From women’s handbags to weekend bags and everything in between, our bag collection is full of fabulous designs to add to your wardrobe this season. Looking for a new work bag? Our tote bags provide plenty of room to hold all your things while offering ultimate style points. Or, if you’re jetting away on holiday, our printed beach bags are a must-have for your suitcase. You can also shop stylish wallets and miniature coin purses available in different colours – perfect for popping into your handbag. Browse bags for women now to find something just for you.

136 items


Handbags are a girl’s best friend

How do men survive without handbags? Okay, we know they have their workbags and their gym bags for certain times of the week, but we genuinely have no idea where they put all of their stuff the rest of the time?

But, that’s their problem. We have a huge collection of bags and purses in our women’s accessories collection so you never need be without your all-important handbag, clutch bag or purse.

Summer’s coming

The warm weather is officially on the way which means long days at the beach or leisurely picnics in the park. Our roomy beach bags are the perfect size for beach towels, picnic blankets, books and sun cream making them the dream bag for fun days in the sun.

Classic backpacks

Whether you’re staying away for the night, have a day ahead when you plan on doing a fair bit of walking (and need a practical bag to come along for the journey) or virtually any other scenario, a classic backpack is sure to come in handy. With two handles for easy carrying as well as pockets for your phone, your wallet, your books and a drawstring top for added security, our backpacks are always a stylish choice.

Cross-body bags

When the weekend rolls around, we dress differently, we think differently and maybe most importantly, we carry different handbags. It’s true, your work bag or shopping tote bag won’t work for brunch with the girls or a lazy Sunday walk followed by lunch in a local bistro. That’s what our super stylish cross-body bags are for. Large enough to carry all of the essentials and stylish enough to be used day or night, these bags are a weekend essential.