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Here at Matalan, our range of duvets will ensure you get a great night’s sleep, every night. From super soft cotton duvets in king size, double size and single size to plump, supportive mattress protectors, find products here to create your perfect bedtime haven in no time. Discover leading brands including Silentnight and Slumberdown to find duvets designed with quality and practicality in mind. Enjoy a restful sleep with anti-allergy duvets or experience five-star luxury in your own home with hotel-feel designs. Whatever your requirements, browse our complete collection of duvets below and get set to relax.

49 items


Dream a little duvet dream

What makes a bed? Is it the sturdy wooden headboard? Is it the memory foam mattress? Um, no, it’s clearly the duvet covers. Take a look at our extensive range of duvets and pillows to ensure your comfy mattress alone doesn’t leave you feeling a little cold.

Goldilocks’ choice of duvet

Are you a Goldilocks sleeper? Are you always either too hot or too cold? If the answer is yes, then our temperature control bedding sets (which regulate the temp to ensure you don’t get too warm or too chilly throughout the night) are perfect to ensure you sleep easy.

Washable duvet wonders

Taking your duvet to the launderette always seems to fall somewhere near the bottom of the “important things I should do today” list. With our washable duvet and pillow sets, you can strike it off the list right now and simply pop them in your own washing machine instead, simple.

Little duvet dreamers

Need a new duvet for your little one’s bed? Well, look no further, we’ve got you covered. Our range of children’s bedding includes four tog duvets in a shorter length which are suitable for all cot beds. The bedding sets are anti-allergy (perfect if they suffer from sensitivities) and are suitable from 12 months onwards.

Guest duvets to impress

There are few things more nerve-wracking to the house-proud homeowner than a picky guest. Go a step beyond by using a handy mattress topper – perfect for the spare room when you’re expecting guests. Our range includes anti-allergy toppers, water-proof toppers and quilted toppers for that extra snuggle.