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Don’t forget your suitcase

Your summer holiday is on the horizon and you’ve got yourself a new swimming costume, some new sandals and a lovely little outfit to wear on your first night, but have you given a thought to how you’re actually going to transport all of your new purchases to sunnier climes? No? Oh dear. Ah well, we live to serve and have a complete range of IT suitcases to make packing a whole lot easier.

Kid-friendly travel

Your little one is getting to an age when they can reasonably be expected to use their own suitcase, right? Plus, it makes fitting everything into airline’s hand luggage restrictions a whole lot easier when you’ve got an extra case to use. Our range of children’s luggage includes colourful cases featuring dinosaurs, toucans and unicorns and is so cute that there’s very little chance your little one will accidentally leave it on the other side of security.

The best of both worlds

When it comes to luggage, the IT B-Trail Trolley Backpack has to be the leader of the pack. Pop it on your shoulders and forget all about it until you need something out of it and then, if it gets heavy you can simply put it down, pull out the handle and wheel it along. It really does offer the best of both worlds and is perfect if your journey involves a lot of travel.

Colourful cases

Standing at the baggage carousel trying to spot your case amongst the others surely ranks as one of any holiday’s low points. Especially if you’ve ever happily taken your case away only for someone to rush up to you and claim you’ve taken theirs by mistake. Remove all worry of mistaken cases by picking up one of the colourful cases in the IT collection. In a range of styles and sizes, you’ll spot yours a mile off.