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Men's Socks

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Why do all your socks start to get holes in them at the same time? If you need to revamp your sock drawer Matalan have got a range of socks in all types of colours and styles to keep your toes warm. We have multipack socks in black, white and other shades that are perfect for bulking up your work wardrobe, as well as sports socks and gym socks for more active days. For those cold winter months, our thermal socks and fluffy socks are made from thicker materials that keep your toes extra toasty, while our slipper socks will keep your feet cosy and warm on chilly evenings spent at home. We've got variations of normal socks too - why not invest in some bamboo socks or cotton rich socks for that added luxury. Shop our men's socks range today!

81 items


Fill your drawers

As we walk through life, there’s one clothing must-have we often overlook – our socks. Something we all need, socks are much more crucial to our daily life than they once were. No longer a simple item slipped onto our feet, socks can now be used to make fashion statements and help us out in the gym. So, it’s important to buy the right ones.

The pair for you

When it comes to buying socks, it’s not as simple as everyone may think. From general day-to-day wear to travelling and hitting the gym, socks can be very complex. Inside the collection of men’s socks, you’ll find a mixture of trainer, invisible and sportswear socks alongside insoles, flight and regular socks.

Socks to fit

Available in two distinct sizes, you’ll find socks that fit sizes 6 – 8.5 and ones that’ll slip on to sizes 9 – 12 with ease. Everyone’s style needs will be met with socks coming in classic black, white and grey, alongside block colours, stripes, spots and multicolour varieties. Meanwhile, you’ll also discover socks from brands like Wilson, Fila, French Connection and US Athletic.

Fashion and necessity

Whether they add a finishing touch to your outfit or are there for practical reasons, there’s a lot you can do with socks. From plain black and grey for formal affairs to invisible socks for your holidays, socks can make or break an outfit. Then there are those patterned and coloured ones that can brighten up your look as they peek out between your jeans and trainers. Oh, and don’t forget trainer socks – you don’t want blisters after working out, do you.

The stocking filler

From Christmas to birthdays, let’s not forget that socks make an excellent gift. After all, you can never have too many, and with packs of three, five and seven available, they’re sure to keep someone’s feet happy for quite some time.