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Living Room Decor & Accessories

1812 items

Refresh your space today with our living room furnishings and accessories range. Browse everything from cushions and throws to planters, curtains, television units and more to style your living room exactly the way you want to. Add a stylish touch with luxuriously soft rugs available in a range of shades to suit your interior. Or showcase those precious memories with our high-quality photo frames. Whether you’re looking to update the entire room or simply add a couple of decorative extras, our huge living room décor selection has what you need.

1812 items


Majestic living room homeware

As the old saying goes “An English person’s home is their castle.” But if your castle is looking more shabby than chic, then you may want to check out our living room homeware range to see if we could give it a new lease of life. With armchairs, rugs, cushions, candles and so much more, we have just the thing to make you fall in love with your castle all over again. It’ll look wonderful, your majesty.

Cosy, chic rugs for the living room

If you had that wooden flooring fitted knowing how stylish and modern it would look but failed to see that it might not be as cosy as those old carpets you used to have then we have one word for you: rugs. For added warmth and homeliness to wooden and laminate flooring, you just can’t go wrong with rugs. Check out our huge range of rugs and choose between modern and stylish chevron stripes, thick and fluffy faux fur rugs or chic and traditional Moroccan rugs. Now your home is cosy and chic.

Colour pop living room cushions

You’ve found the perfect sofa and it’s the perfect shade to match your subtle yet chic painted walls but something’s missing. What you need is a pop of colour, it’s all the rage darlings! Our colourful cushions are just the thing to tie your lounge together. Choose from a huge selection of colours and styles and get ready to be the envy of your pals.

Display your favourite ornaments in the living room

If you have a whole heap of photos gathering dust somewhere, then it’s time to get proudly displaying them. Whether it’s your wedding photos, snaps of you and your bestie or adorable pics of the kids, it’s time to get them out of hiding. We have individual photo frames for one special snap and large glass hanging frames and clipboard photos, the perfect way to display your favourite pics is ready and waiting for you.