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Womens Sports Tops

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No matter what form of exercise you're into, gym tops are a key part of any gym-goer's outfit. The gym's a place to focus on you and your exercise, not your wardrobe - but it is helpful to have the right clothes for the job! From long-sleeved tops to vest tops, you'll be prepared for any weather or activity. Souluxe make exercise clothes built to enhance your performance - like mesh panelling to make them breathable and comfortable. Unsure about gym tops? Check out our gym top fit guide for advice.

38 items


Gym tops - A whole new you

If you’re returning to the gym after a considerable absence (we understand, don’t worry), you’ll need all the kit to make sure you look the part and feel great. And perhaps the most important part of the kit is your gym top – you need to get that right, so you feel supported, comfortable and confident. Take a look at our wide range of gym tops that are perfect for getting you back into the exercise swing.

Indoor or out

Do you love to feel the sunshine (or wind, or rain) on your face as you workout? Maybe you’d rather be cosily tucked up in the gym, sneakily watching TV as you break a sweat? Whatever your exercise choices, our range short sleeve gym t-shirts, long sleeve sports tops or gym vests means that you’ll always have just the right outfit for your needs.

Stand out or blend in

The gym is made up of two types of people: those who position themselves at the front of the class, right next to the instructor and those who look to be as far away from the front as possible. Whatever category you fall into, we’ve got the perfect workout gear for you. For those who feel more comfortable at the back of the class, you’ll feel perfectly understated in our sleek line of black workout tops and those who like to make an impression can choose from the extensive range of brightly-coloured and boldly patterned gym tops to make sure everyone knows how hard they’re working. Whatever your gym persona, we’ve got you spotted.

All shapes, all sizes

Exercise is all about feeling good and size is nothing but a number. That’s why our work out gear comes in a range of sizes from size 6 to size 20, because we think you’ve got the perfect gym body whatever shape or size it comes in.

Everyday wear

Maybe the gym is not for you, but instead you like the freedom and comfort of activewear to lounge around the house, do the school run or to nip the shop? Fear not, this is a common trend which is only going to get more popular. Throw on a pair of sports leggings, your favourite gym top, a coat and away you go.