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Discover our huge selection of towels at Matalan for total luxury after you step out of the bath. Crafted from beautifully soft cotton, our bathroom towel sets provide comfort, ultimate absorbency and warmth, and are available in a range of colours to suit your taste. Be the envy of your guests with our exclusive diamanté and delicately embroidered hand towels, perfect for adding a bit of pizazz to your bathroom. Heading to the seaside? Browse our fun, vibrant kids’ beach towels to make drying off after a dip in the ocean extra fun for your little ones. 

158 items


Dreamy mornings with bath towels

Just imagine it: the early morning sun is shining weakly through your bedroom curtains. You get out of bed, ready for a big day at work. You jump into a piping hot shower and then wrap yourself in a large fluffy towel that’s been gently warming on the radiator. Bliss. Take that large fluffy towel away though and you’re scuppered, which is why we have an extensive towel range, to make sure your day gets off to the perfect start.

What’s your favourite towel colour?

Do you love yellow? Adore red? Live for pink? Whatever colour tops your favourites list, we have a towel in that shade. Peruse our collection and get ready to give your bathroom pops of bold, bright colour. Check out our bath mat range too and feel as if you’ve had a bathroom makeover for a fraction of the cost of getting the decorators in.

(Towel!) size matters

From a simple (and very affordable) hand towel to a complete bundle of luxurious Egyptian cotton towels, our collection has just what you need. Just looking for one bath towel to send the kid off to uni with? No problem. Looking for a selection of hand towels and large bath towels for your brood of seven? We’ve got you covered in that department, too. Size matters to you, we get that, it’s why we keep our range so varied.

Summer bliss

Whether you’re lucky enough to live by the seaside and spend all summer on the beach or you’re going on a two-week, all-inclusive summer break and are checking in your luggage, you’re probably going to want to see our range of lovely beach towels. In a choice of colours and designs, bagging that perfect spot by the sea has never been easier.