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Is a bit of fun on the cards? You’ve come to the right place for the young ones in your family. Whether they’re heading out into the sun with one of our scooters, a playful trike or an oh-so cool skateboard, the toys on this page aren’t just super colourful and eye-catching, they’re also great for developing your child’s coordination! However, the weather isn’t always on our side – that’s why we’ve also stocked up on toys for kids that can be enjoyed indoors. Our baby and toddler toys, including wooden toys that are classics for a reason, will work on their sensor-motor skills, and we even offer iconic games like 4 In A Row to pop a healthy dose of competition into your household! Explore this range here today at Matalan to keep young ones entertained for hours.

265 items


Whatever the occasion

Birthdays, parties or just rainy Sundays. Whatever the occasion, you can never have too many games to keep the little ones entertained. Our huge range of toys and games has something that’s perfect for you, whatever you’re searching for.

Good, clean fun

Remember spending hours in the garden searching for creepy crawlies as a kid, wasn’t it the best? Bring back the good old days with our garden tools and Kids Bug Catcher sets (to ensure they can monitor all of their interesting creepy finds before setting them loose again). Or, if that all sounds a bit too muddy for you, pick up one of the Insect Play Sets, all the (plastic) bugs with none of the mud.

Get creative

With another school holiday on the horizon, your kids may find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. Don’t run the risk of them drawing on the walls out of boredom, pick up an art set instead. Choose from painting Marvel masks, painting unicorns, painting garden gnomes and loads more besides. The sets come with paints, brushes and everything you need to get creative.

Active fun

Kids seem to have so much energy. They can spend the whole day running around at school only to get home and decide they want to spend the whole evening jumping on the bed. If your little one has a surplus of energy, then it might be worth your time picking up something from our outdoor selection. A football training set (complete with cones, discs and a football), a catch ball game, even a water bomb set (for the sunniest days only of course!) could all work wonders in finally tiring your little one out in time for bed.

Made for kids

If there’s one thing the little ones think about when Christmas is just around the corner, it’s presents. To be honest, they’ve probably been thinking about them all-year-round. While they’ll want those big presents that they don’t stop talking about, what about a few more? Our collection of toys and games is the ideal way to build their present pile this year.

All-round pleasers

Whether you’ve got a little boy or a little girl, we’ve got items designed to put a smile on everyone’s face. From ones that have kept kids entertained for years to ones that’ll let their creative side bloom, you’ll find everything here to make their Christmas Day extra special.

All ages

It doesn’t matter how old your little ones are either, as we’ve got something to please children of all ages. From little ones who are just learning about Christmas to the ones who can’t sleep in the three-week run-up, we’ve got toys designed to keep them all happy.

Get crafty

Looking for a way to keep kids entertained for a few hours? Amongst our toys and games collection, you’ll discover items that they can paint and decorate themselves. Perfect for making playtime extra fun.

Keep them entertained

When it comes to presents, some of the greatest ones they get are games. Teaching them how to play with others and learn new skills, they’re also a fantastic way you encourage family time to help you spend additional time with your little treasures.

Excellent gifts

As well as your little ones, you’ll also find toys and games here for all the other kids in your life. So, if you have nieces and nephews, or your friends have children that you adore, you’re sure to discover something to entertain them within our selection.