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Baby Socks & Tights

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Shop tiny baby socks for your newborn here in our extensive range. From adorable frill socks to unisex cable socks perfect for keeping their toes nice and toasty, choose from plenty of styles to update their collection today. Keep your little one feeling warm and snug while looking super cute with a pair of our ribbed baby tights, available in lots of lovely colours. Or if you’re looking for the ideal baby shower gift, why not celebrate with a pair of ‘Born in 2022’ socks for baby? Constructed from a soft cotton blend, they won’t irritate your little one’s delicate skin.

21 items


Keeping tootsies warm and cosy

There’s no getting away from it, babies’ feet are adorable. We can’t tell you what it is about them but we can tell you that in those first few weeks after our newborn arrived, we spent hours gazing at their little tootsies. The only problem with this is, babies are quick to get cold feet, so it’s probably time to stop gazing at them and start putting baby socks or baby tights on them instead. If you’re coming out of your new parent reverie and are slowly learning that bare feet aren’t really an option, you’ll be happy to see our range of baby socks and tights. 

Thank goodness for chenille

Are you slowly starting to regret the stone floor you had installed just before your little one arrived? If the temperatures are dropping and they’re keen to stand and toddle as much as they can then you’ll want a pair of socks that keeps them warm on all surfaces. Our super cute chenille socks are chunky and warm – perfect for toasty tootsies. Take a look at our range of kids slippers, too.

Keep their socks on

What is it with kids? Why do they love to take their socks off so much? If you have a little one who can’t seem to keep a pair of socks on for more than five minutes then we have the answer: tights! Our super cute baby tights multipacks start from newborn and go right the way up to age 4. Perfect. Need tights for an older kid, check out our girls’ tights too.

Every day socks

As a new parent, half the time you barely know what day of the week it is. Well, these handy kids socks feature days of the week to make that problem a thing of the past. So much easier than getting a diary!