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Womens Socks & Tights

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A good sock selection is essential. And, with a wide variety available from Matalan, you’ll find all the pairs you could ever need. From fluffy socks and fun novelty slipper socks to frilly socks for flirty outfits and everything in between, there are perfect pairs to suit all sorts of occasions. To keep things practical, why not invest in a multipack of ankle socks and soft black tights? Or, stock up on our range of opaque tights, fishnet tights, and patterned tights. We have options for mamas-to-be, too, so no one has to do without.

48 items


Sock shop

Socks and tights are the everyday basics we all need, but often forget about buying. So, if it’s high time you replaced those threadbare socks – or the tights that no longer look artfully laddered – head to Matalan. From trendy trainer socks to extra thick winter tights, we’ve got the lot!

Fashion socks

We all need socks, right? But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Up your game with a pair of adorable pearl knitted socks. Available in soft cream and grey hues, they feature mini pearl detailing around the ankle. It’s a great way to jazz up a plain trainer and mom jeans combo, if you ask us.

Tights for days

You can never have too many pairs of tights, so grab a couple more from Matalan. They won’t pull, ladder or warp in the wash, but will ensure you’re warm and comfy in skirts and dresses. We’ve options from 10 Denier all the way up to 300 Denier, in varying shades and levels of opacity. Whether you’re a fan of nude or more into classic black, you’ll find your fit here. 

Barely-there styles

Do you suffer from ‘one missing trainer sock’ syndrome? Then check out our latest additions. From regular height to invisible styles, we have plenty of plain and patterned designs in sizes small to extra-large. The 2 pack lace footsies are our absolute favourites – dainty and demure!

More for your money

We don’t know about you, but when we look for socks and tights, we look for quality and value. Luckily, Matalan is known for both. Our three and five-pack options ensure incredible value for money on these footwear staples. All you need now is a new pair of shoes to sweeten the deal.

Knees up

Our women’s socks and tights range also includes some fantastic mid-height designs. From durable hold-ups to knee-high and over-the-knee socks, they’re great for underneath long skirts and trousers. The stockings feature a flattering gloss finish with lace detailing, while the over-the-knee styles are made from soft-as-you-like bamboo.