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Boys' Joggers

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Your boy will be snuggly warm and ready for anything in our range of kids’ joggers. We stock a selection in all sorts of different colours, including black joggers that boys can get plenty of use out of, grey joggers, and boy’s khaki joggers. Or, for something a little different, why not invest in some pairs of our patterned joggers, featuring slogans, stripes, camo print and more? You can even buy multipacks that contain several different types of joggers and stock up your little boy’s casual wardrobe in one go.

27 items



Is your little one forever climbing trees, playing in sandpits and jumping in puddles? Sounds like great fun to us! See to it that he’s wearing the right clothing for all that activity with our selection of jogging bottoms that are perfect for getting messy in. They’re part of the Matalan complete boys’ collection and you’re going to love them.

However big your baby is

We bet it feels like only yesterday that you brought your little man home from the hospital doesn’t it? Whether that’s because it actually was only yesterday or just because it still feels fresh in your mind, we’ve got you covered. Our range of boys jogging bottoms start from sizes suitable for tiny and newborn babies and go right the way up to age 13. Because he’ll always be your baby, we know that.

PE perfect

If the lad’s school has a strict PE uniform policy then we think we can help. As well as not-very-practical-for-school camo and cactus designs we also do sensible and PE-worthy joggers in black and grey. We don’t want you getting into trouble with the head teacher after all.

Not-so-special occasions

You’re willing to spend the big bucks on adorable little three-piece suits and fancy shirts for him, but when it comes to the clothes that he’s likely to be getting messy with paints in, trying his hand at gardening with Grandma in or practising his rugby tackles in, you’re less likely to want to spend big. We understand that and it’s why our boys’ jogging bottoms collection starts from teeny tiny prices as low as £2, so he can unleash his, ahem, creative side and you can happily indulge him.