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Whether you're entertaining guests at home or looking for something special to spruce up your dining area, our dining table sets & dinnerwear range has got it all. From dining sets that come in a variety of styles and sizes, to individual plates, bowls, and more – there's something here for everyone. It's not just crockery that we offer either, we have everything to complete your dinner party table. From serving bowls to champagne flutes, stainless steel straws to cutlery, coffee mugs to placemats, lunch bags to salt & pepper shakers, and many, many more. Explore the range today!

197 items


Dinner party ready

Special dinner party on the horizon or moving somewhere new and want new plates for your kitchen? Whether you're in need of some cocktail-worthy glassware to impress your dinner guests, or need a set of cutlery to send your fresher off to Uni with. Whatever the reason you’re here, our dining range is sure to have something perfect for you.

Matching dinnerware

Don’t run the risk of giving picky guests the satisfaction of saying “Oh, my dinner plate doesn’t match my side plate, how bohemian of you” and pick up one of our matching dinner sets instead. If you love to be organised then matching dinnerware is definitely for you. I’ll set the scene, imagine opening your cupboard ready to unload the dishwasher, and all your plates and bowls stack neatly on top of one another. Looking completely uniform. Is there a better feeling?

Happy little eaters

Some kids are little angels who eat whatever you put in front of them, others are a little more spirited and have a pesky habit of throwing their broccoli on the floor. Our kid’s dining selection has fun shaped and patterned plates which could make their veg look a little more appealing. We also have branded lunch boxes featuring some of their favourite characters and surely if they know their favourite characters eat their greens, then it’ll persuade them to do the same?

Marvellous mugs

Do you need your oat milk latte to help get out of bed in the morning? Maybe your late-night guilty pleasure is a hot chocolate with all the trimmings? Is there anything more comforting than a cup of tea when you’re feeling down in the dumps? Hot drinks are a staple in all of our lives and the one way to make them even better is to have a fabulous mug for them to go in.


It doesn’t make sense but having the correct glassware makes your drinks taste even better – doesn’t it? If you love a cheeky bottle of wine in the evenings or love to make some show-stopping cocktails at family gatherings then finding some glassware in that works with the rest of your dining collection is a no brainer.

Al fresco dining

If the sun is shining and you want to make the most of the garden. Why not try some al fresco dining? Our outdoor dining collection has BBQs and outdoor dining furniture to help you make the most of your outdoor space.