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Bathroom Storage

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Keeping your bathroom neat and tidy has never been easier with our handy bathroom storage collection at Matalan. Organise those bits and bobs with bathroom storage boxes, caddies and drawers that will make cleaning up a breeze. Declutter your space with practical shelves designed to slot neatly into the corner of the shower, perfect for all your toiletries and in-shower essentials. We've got stylish shelves perfect for all of your towel storage needs too. If your pushed for space in your bathroom then having space saving solutions is key. We have wicker and laundry baskets that allow you to keep your dirty laundry and spare loo roll tucked away. Available in plenty of stylish designs, our collection features products to suit every interior. Infuse style and personality into your bathroom today with storage that’s built with functionality in mind.

94 items


Bathroom storage solutions

When you redecorate your bedroom, storage features are pretty high on your list of must-haves. You need somewhere to store your bed linens, you need a wardrobe, you need drawers and bedside cabinets but when you redo your bathroom, storage tends to get overlooked. If you’ve forgotten the crucial storage element in your bathroom design, then we have just the thing to help, from towel and shower storage to toiletry storage solutions. Whether you have a big bathroom that could use a storage unit or a small downstairs loo that needs small additions to keep spare hand wash, ladies' essentials and other items out of sight, then you've come to the right place.

Tidy away your toiletries with shower caddies

If you have to resort to storing your toiletries on the ledge of your bath or even the floor of your shower then you’re probably getting tired of picking up knocked over shampoo bottles right about now. That's where our shower caddies come in. Our shower caddies come in an array of stylish, bathroom-friendly designs, and are sure to make your life a lot easier, making spilt shower gel a thing of the past. They should also help make your 'everything-shower' routine slightly easier as you'll have a spot to rest your razor, place your detangling hairbrush and exfoliating mits. 

Display your towels with storage towers

Have you invested in towels that match your bathroom perfectly but are tired of them being hidden away in the airing cupboard? Take your storage up a notch by investing in one of our stylish storage towers. Big on height but designed to take up minimal floor space, they’re perfect for storing any extra toiletries and spare loo rolls, while always being the perfect way to display your towels! Learn how to fold your towels like a pro and you'll feel like you're in a 5-star hotel every time you step out of the shower.

Wake up your bathroom windowsills with storage

If space is at a premium in your washroom and there simply isn’t room for a shelving unit, have you ever thought about utilising your window sills? Our window shelf trays are perfect if you want to utilise every bit of space within your bathroom, but they keep your space looking intentional and tidy. We have metal, wooden and wicker storage baskets and trays in a range of sizes so you'll be sure to find the one that suits your specific taste and dimensions.

Tidy away trinkets in the bathroom

You take your jewellery off at the end of the day, place them next to the sink and then when you try to find them, they’re nowhere to be found, right? We’ve all been there. Our pretty trinket boxes and bathroom drawers are perfect for storing smaller items and what’s more, they look gorgeous, too.

Hang up your robe with bathroom hooks 

Be prepared for when you get out of the bath by having your dressing gown at the ready. Over the door hooks are great storage options as they take up minimal room in your space but have multiple uses. Have a hook each for your towels, robes and other items like your shower window squeegee! They don't have to be boring either, they can match the hardware in your bathroom. Match your chrome taps to a chrome hook, your black pedal bin to a black hook and so on.