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Men's Loungewear

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When life gets a bit much, you simply can’t go wrong with a relaxed day at home, so why not pick up a men’s loungewear set from Matalan? From grey and black designs to colour block prints, we’ve got just about every style covered to best suit your needs for your movie marathons, gaming sessions and everything in between. Looking to coordinate your weekend look? Invest in one of our tracksuits and unwind in blissful comfort. Shop here for breathable and affordable loungewear pieces here today. 

140 items


What is the purpose of loungewear?

Loungewear is clothing you wear to relax in. Crafted with comfort in mind, loungewear is usually either made from soft, lightweight materials or fleecy fabrics, and tends to be cosier than jeans and other casual clothing, but not nearly as informal as nightwear.

Perfect for lazy weekends or unwinding at the end of the day, loungewear is where cosiness and style meet. So, why not treat yourself to a men’s loungewear set or two today? Hugely versatile and available in a range of colours, styles, and fabrics, Matalan’s selection of men’s loungewear will help you maximise comfort all year round.

Is loungewear the same as pyjamas?

Simply put, no, loungewear is not the same as pyjamas. While pyjamas are designed to give you a better night’s sleep, loungewear consists of more practical, wearable pieces like tracksuits and hoodies. So, although you can wear loungewear to relax before bed, you wouldn’t want to sleep in it.

Any dedicated chiller will have a selection of loungewear and pyjamas to choose between. Planning to spend the day kicking back and unwinding? Then cool and comfy loungewear should do the trick. But if you’re heading straight to bed, then a soft cotton pyjama set is exactly what you need.

Can you wear loungewear out?

One of the major reasons loungewear differs from pyjamas is that you can wear loungewear out and about. While it’s unlikely to be considered appropriate for the office or your upcoming social events, loungewear is perfect for running errands or taking a stroll on more casual days.

On the days you do head out in your loungewear, neutral colours like grey and black are best. Helping to ensure you don’t look out of place on your local high street, monochrome colour schemes provide a polished finish that, when combined with the right pieces, bring to mind slick streetwear style.

Where do you wear loungewear?

As well as wearing loungewear in the comfort of your home, there are plenty of places beyond your front door where loungewear is acceptable. And, whether you’re off to the shops, the barbers, or grabbing takeaway food and drink, wearing well-considered loungewear pieces will prevent you from looking too informal.

With so many different loungewear options, you’re sure to find a good selection for staying in and heading out alike. Allowing you to put comfort at the forefront while still looking presentable, loungewear is enjoying a surge of popularity for good reason.  

How do you wear loungewear?

As with any fashion trend, wearing loungewear well is all about putting together complementary pieces and picking colours that work well together when you shop. In winter, consider sleek joggers and a sporty hoodie, and stock up on comfy cotton shorts and tees for those laidback summer days.

Although loungewear is primarily about comfort, it’s easy to put together trend-led loungewear looks that suit your style. And, with such a wide range of comfortable, quality products, Matalan is all set to be your one-stop shop for up-to-date loungewear looks. 

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