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School Shoes

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Our collection of school shoes for kids makes it easier than ever to keep your little scholar looking smart from head to toe. You’ll find a selection of footwear within our range that not only combines fashion and function, but comfort and durability as well. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair of black school shoes that are scuff resistant, Velcro and overall super practical for everyday wear, or want a pair of Mary-Janes patent leather shoes your little girl will love. These boys’ and girls’ school shoes will withstand anything the playground can throw at them – and with sizes available for little ones and teens, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for them. Explore our school footwear range now!

144 items


Durable School Shoes for Kids

Parents demand a lot from their kid's school shoes. They need to look great, provide comfort and durability, and all at an affordable price. At Matalan, our wide selection of boys' and girls' school shoes and seemingly ever-growing teenagers tick all these boxes, so you can kit them out for school on a budget.

Playground Worthy School Shoes

If you’re looking for children's school shoes that you know will last until the end of term, even though hundreds of laps of the play ground, you’ll want to take a look at our top quality school shoes including our leather school shoes and branded school shoes from ToeZone. We've also got scuff-resistant school shoes that would be perfect for little ones who love to be active during their break time. With a selection of styles, you can feel assured that you're investing in quality without breaking the bank.

Smart Black School Shoes

Many schools require black smart shoes as part of their school uniform. That's why we have a wide range of black school shoes in a range of styles for both boys and girls. From t-bar shoes to Mary Jane shoes, velcro shoes to lace up options, PU to patent leather, you'll be sure to find a pair that your little one will want to race to school in.

Mary Jane School Shoes

Sure, a pair of black lace-ups are perfectly practical and likely to stand the test of time, but if your girl wants something a little more current, then our range of patent leather t-bars or stylish Mary Janes that are sure to give you some parent cool points. Take a look at our complete range of stylish girls’ school shoes right here.

Affordable School Footwear

Maybe your little one has fast-growing feet or can somehow scuff up their school shoes at least once every school day, then you’re going to want to take a look at our affordable school footwear range. Here at Matalan, we pride ourselves in providing great value items that won't break the bank. Therefore, you can relax, put the kettle on and tell them that this is the last pair of shoes they’re getting before next term!

Plimsolls for P.E.

If your little one loves a game of rounders or gets excited for sports day then you've come to the right place. Our plimsolls are the perfect option for your little ones' P.E. kit. We've also got black trainers for kids that would also make a great addition to your little ones' sports attire.