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Boys' Coats and Jackets

56 items

Discover Matalan's collection of boys' coats and jackets, designed to keep your little one warm and dry. Our range includes sturdy waterproof raincoats for those drizzly days and cosy boys winter coats to beat the chill. For versatile layering options, check out our selection of boys gilets. From classic parkas to trendy puffer jackets, we have outerwear to suit every style. Shop now at Matalan for boys coats and jackets that combine comfort, durability, and style.

56 items


Dare to go coatless?

If you had to add it up, how many days a year would you say you felt so confident about the weather that you let your kid go to school without his jacket? Three? Four? Five? Whatever the exact figure, it’s going to be small. Our range of boys’ coats and jackets have something for every weather type, even the days when they’d rather not take one at all.

Puddle suits

How much does your little one love puddles? Are they the type to walk around a puddle, make a single tentative splash or get so giddy in the rain and the mud that you have to half drag them away? If it’s the latter, then you’re probably feeling a little bit guilty for ruining their fun right about now, well not anymore! Our puddle suits cover them from head to ankle meaning their clothes are covered against all of those messy splashes. Looking for wellies? You can get those here, too.

Wedding smarts

If you have a wedding or special occasion on the horizon and you want to make sure the little chap looks the part, then look at our range of smart suit jackets. In a choice of colours and starting from sizes as little as age 4 (and going right the way up to age 13), these suit jackets will make him look just like his Papa. In fact, we even have matching men’s suits in the Mini Me collection.

Handy hoodies

The humble hoody doesn’t get the best press, but it really is a magically useful item of clothing. Little lad feeling cold? Pop on a hoodie. He’s warmed up a bit? Undo the zip. Started to rain? Pull up the hood. See? Magic. Plus, they look cool so he’ll be happy to wear it wherever you’re going.