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Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

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Hoodies & Sweatshirts have become a wardrobe staple for everyone. They're perfect for lounging around the house, layering with in transitional and colder months, for a cool streetwear look and more. Here at Matalan, we've got a great range of oversized hoodies, hooded sweatshirts, black hoodies and grey hoodies for men. We've also got sweatshirts that are oversized, black, grey and white. If plain isn't your thing, we've got graphic and printed ones that will make a statement. Pair with a pair of your favourite denim jeans or cargo pants for a great casual look that is still elevated and stylish. Shop our collection now...

79 items


Mens hoodies - An off-duty essential

While you may not think it at first, a hoodie is an absolute essential for any man’s wardrobe. Providing the best in off-duty look and coming in a variety of styles, a grey hoodie can be worn pretty much everywhere. From keeping you cosy in your living room to the great outdoors, everyone needs one or two in their collection.

Many hoodies

Coming in two different styles, pullover and zip up, our hoodies are available in many sizes. Ranging from small to XXXXL, you’ll find different hoodies in a mixture of colours too, such as blue, white, black and grey.

Flexible wear

Once seen as something undesirable, not many items of clothing have changed the public’s perception quite like the hoodie. Now a firm favourite with sports stars, musicians and even supermodels, you can rock a hoodie everywhere from the high street to an airport and even the school gate for an effortlessly cool look at all times.

Throw on

The great thing about having a hoodie hanging in your wardrobe is you can just grab it and go. Matching up to almost all outfits, this can be worn with trainers, jeans and any type of t-shirt or polo top you have on. As you can see, having one close by at all times will make leaving the house in comfort much, much easier.

Comfortable all the time

Do you love just lounging around at home? If you do, then a hoodie will take your comfort to a whole new level. Known for keeping you warm, there’s nothing better than a lazy weekend in a hoodie – especially when the weather outside isn’t the best.

Fitness attire

Not just for lounging, those who love nothing more than hitting the gym need to invest in a hoodie. Great for throwing on after an intense workout, they’ll also keep you warm when exercising outside.

Sweatshirt - A seasonal favourite

When it comes to key pieces for your clothing collection, there are items that you won’t know you need until the time to wear them pops up. A key culprit in this category is sweatshirts. A wonderful item beloved by millions, no one ever has the one they need when the time rolls around to wearing one. That’s why you need to think ahead with your sweatshirt collection.

The different types

When it comes to sweatshirts however, they’re not all the same. Depending on what time of year you’re wearing one, the style could all change. From thin jumpers that can be worn by themselves or for layering, to ones that need to be worn to help in the battle against the cold – building a sweatshirt collection takes a lot of thought.

Transitional times

When it comes to autumn, you’ll want to opt for slightly thinner jumpers. This is because you’ll be able to use it for layering to help you stay warm, while still looking effortlessly cool. From a scarf to a denim jacket, layering is all the age when it comes to autumn. These jumpers can also be used instead of a jacket here, placed over a t-shirt or shirt so you can remove them indoors if you’re a little warm.

Solo sweaters

Sometimes the weather can get a little cold before autumn begins. But, it’s usually too warm for layering. This is when you can wear these jumpers by themselves, often accompanied by some simple chinos or a nice slim leg jean.

Winter warmers

There are also sweatshirts that are a lot thicker and should be reserved for winter, helping to stave off the cold alongside a coat. Available in a selection of bright and subdued colours, our sweatshirts are available in sizes small to XXXL.