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Moses Baskets & Stands

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A Moses basket is the perfect way to keep your baby comfortable and secure to sleep through the night. Matalan offers a wide variety of Moses baskets, from traditional styles such as wicker Moses baskets to Moses baskets with rocking stands. With our range of sizes, shapes and stands you can be sure to find something perfect for your little ones needs. Our Moses basket and stands are sturdy and durable, as well as being stylish and practical. Keep your baby cosy and safe with our range of Moses baskets and stands at Matalan.

45 items


Why are Moses baskets so popular?

Perfect for keeping baby safe, secure and oh-so cosy, Moses baskets are hugely popular due to their ability to move freely from room to room. Providing you with constant visibility of little sleepy heads, Moses baskets are wonderful pieces for giving newborns (and new parents) extra peace of mind.

Whether they feature a stand for elevation or are constructed for floor or table use, you can’t go wrong with a wicker Moses basket. Designed to create a soft and breathable space for the littlest member of the family, they provide firm and reliable support as baby drifts off to sleep.

Do babies sleep better in a cot or Moses basket?

Designed to ensure a feeling of security, Moses baskets provide a smaller alternative to cots. That’s not to say we don’t love calming and cosy cots – we just mean that, with their high sides and tendency to reduce noise, Moses baskets are sure to tick all the boxes for baby.

In a range of subtle, classic colours, our Moses baskets from Clair de Lune will provide baby with a peaceful retreat. Featuring an array of practical features, including a hood to protect delicate skin from bright sunlight, these handy pieces come complete with carry handles for ease of transportation.

How long do you use a Moses basket for?

Ideal for the first 3 months of baby’s life, Moses baskets provide those littlest members of the family with a safe and secure sanctuary. Great for helping them adjust to the outside world, they replicate a gentle rocking motion to ensure nurturing and supportive comfort.

Here at Matalan, we care about putting new parents’ minds at ease – that’s why we’re bringing to you Clair de Lune’s superb collection of Moses baskets. Super comfy and efficient without compromising on cute designs, babies simply love drifting off to sleep in them! Treat yourself by exploring this range today.

What do you put in a Moses basket?

Moses baskets are such great pieces because they already come with a fantastic assortment of cosy functions, including a set of bedding, a fabric-covered hood and a foam mattress. Secure, lightweight and portable, these pieces will keep baby all snuggled up and cosy, making them the ultimate accessories for naptime.

Featuring soft padded liners, coverlets and firm fibre mattresses, what more could baby need for a session of blissful sleep? Mooch through the Clair de Lune collection here today at Matalan to help minimise baby’s discomfort and restlessness during their naptimes – you’ll thank yourself later down the line!

How often should I change Moses basket sheets?

It’s important to put cleanliness at the forefront for newborn babies. That’s why we recommend you washing their sheets at least twice a week, as they attract bacteria and will, in turn, impact their health. Give baby’s sheets a regular wash to remove accumulated dust, hair and dead skin cells.

If you give their sheets a wash every few days, your baby will feel very happy and content in a Moses basket. Adorable and making life that bit easier for new parents, too, you’re sure to find the best piece for you and baby with this Clair de Lune range.