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Tiny Baby Clothes

28 items

If you're looking for the perfect outfit for your tiny tot, look no further than our collection of tiny baby clothes. Babies often arrive earlier than expected meaning their usual newborn clothes are too big. Our premature baby clothes and tiny baby clothes fit a little one that is up to 7lbs, so if you or someone you love has had very little one this range might be perfect. Choose from tiny baby boys & girls’ clothes, as well as neutral tiny baby pieces for those choosing to keep the gender a surprise. We've got tiny leggings, baby grows, vests and more so your baby will be looking cuter than ever!

28 items


What is tiny baby size?

Baby clothes usually go up in month/age sizes. But when babies are born, they aren't always the same size. Sometimes when a little one arrives, the classic newborn sizing is too big. Our Tiny Baby Clothing range fit babies that are up to 7lbs.

Is tiny baby the same as newborn?

Tiny baby clothes are smaller than newborn clothes. Newborn clothing fits babies that are between 7-10lbs, while tiny baby clothes fit babies that are up to 7lbs.

Bringing your little one home from the hospital

Layering is key as newborns can't often regulate their own temperature. Seek advice from your midwife on what you baby will need to come home from hospital in. Matalan offer key base layers for you little one like tiny baby sleepsuits, body suits, leggings, and vests.

Perfect for gifting

Some parents are often surprised by how early their little one has arrived. If you know someone who has a premature baby, or a small newborn, our tiny baby clothes make the perfect gift. We have cute pink pieces for little girls, blue baby grows for boys and some neutral clothes perfect for any little one.

Tiny Baby Multipacks, Sets & Outfits

If your little one has surprised you by arriving early, you may not be prepared if you've only invested in newborn sizes. We offer multipacks which allow you to get multiple pieces at great value prices.

Asking the important questions...

What better way to ask you loved ones a question than a printed baby grow? Whether you're planning a proposal for you partner or asking your nearest and dearest to be your little ones god parent. We've got the baby grow to help you with these questions.