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Discover quality cookware sets from the Salter collection here at Matalan. Refresh your collection with top-of-the-range Salter scales, saucepans and much more to make the most of those cooking sessions. Browse handy Salter three-pack pans complete with non-stick coating for easy cleaning after mealtimes. Or shop Salter frying pans for an innovative addition to your kitchen. Designed to be used with minimal oil, these pans are suitable for all hobs including induction hobs. Sleek, practical and long-lasting, Salter homewares are a must-have when it comes to whipping up those mealtime masterpieces. Find your favourites below.

2 items

Kitchen whizz

If you consider yourself something of a whizz in the kitchen, then you’re going to want to use utensils that reflect your talents as a future Masterchef winner. The Salter brand has over 250 years of experience selling a wide range of cooking products, so you’ll know you’re onto a good thing. The Salter cookware collection is part of our extensive homeware range.

Store in plain sight

How are you doing for kitchen storage space? If you sometimes struggle to fit all of your pots and pans in your cupboard and regularly have overspill, then it’s time you considered cookware that looks so stylish that you won’t even want to put it away. The marble collection from Salter is chic and elegant so even if you have plenty of space, you’ll still want to store it where the guests can see.

Family size, whatever size family you have

If you’ve ever found frying pans completely impractical when cooking bacon for your full family, then Salter can help. Their range of frying pans includes 20cm, 24cm and 28cm frying pans so you can get the right size for your household, however big or small it is. Bacon sarnies all round!

Cut down on oil

If you find yourself using more and more oil when cooking to prevent food sticking to the pan, then you’re in need of new utensils, quick. The Salter range of saucepans and frying pans feature a forged aluminium body with non-stick marble effect coating that means you need to use little or no oil when cooking. Ever heard of a stylish pan that could actually reduce the amount of fat that goes into your cooking? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We think this one’s a winner.