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Christmas Stockings & Sacks

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Christmas stockings are an essential festive accessory to your home, whether they are hung on the fireplace for show, or filled to the brim with presents and delights, our stockings and sacks are sure to add more Christmas magic to your home. Our alphabet range means you can have a personalised stocking or sack which makes the addition more unique and special for you and the family. Don’t forget to shop our range of gifts to ensure you start filling the Xmas stockings early, we even have a category for stocking fillers so you can feel inspired!

Fun addition

If you’re looking for a way to make Christmas extra exciting for your little one, we know just the way to do it. Our collection of Xmas stockings and sacks feature fantastic little additions and come in an array of styles, colours and designs, which are sure to match up with every child’s style.

Fill them up

Coming in various sizes, these are excellent for when it comes to those early morning starter presents. Fill the stockings up with all those little stocking fillers and place it at the foot of the bed, and then sit and watch them open them before you head downstairs for the main event. Sacks can even be used to conceal larger presents downstairs for an extra layer of fun.

A gift for gifts

While they’re known for their present filling capacity, our collection of Christmas stockings and sacks make a great gift in themselves. Buy these for your little ones in the build-up to Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve, give them as an early Christmas present. Then, watch their faces light up with excitement as they leave them at the foot of the bed, just waiting for Santa to fill them with presents.

Hang them

Of course, you could even give them to your little ones on the day you put the tree up. If you do this, you’ll be able to hang them up by the fireplace, or off a windowsill, if you don’t have a fireplace, where they’ll become fun and exciting Christmas decoration. Of course, you could get decorative ones as well as ones for the kids to keep that element of excitement on Christmas Eve.