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Jars and Canisters

36 items

36 items


Stunning storage

If you’re anything like us, you relish a tidy kitchen, full of homely looking earthenware to keep things organised. That’s what you can expect from our collection of storage jars and canisters. Finished in stunning varnishes of varying colour palettes, they bring light and warmth to the heart of your home.

Tea up

Whether you know it as a spot of tea, a cuppa, or just a good old-fashioned brew, tea is the fuel that keeps this country going. Of course, every kitchen needs the implements to make a solid cup of tea – and that includes tea, coffee and sugar canisters. Our hen coffee jar and hen sugar jar are a fun take on the traditional matching pot set-up, with whimsical pottery hen atop the lid.

Ideal for knick knacks

There’s nothing we love more than a beautiful little trinket. That’s why our range of storage jars and canisters also incorporate glass and ceramic trinket boxes. Adding interest to a window sill or bathroom shelf, these beautiful pieces are perfect for heartfelt keepsakes. Explore our other home accessories here.

Storage for your furry friend

Keep your cupboards in good order with our pet food tins. Whether it’s feeding time or treats galore, we’ve various styles to keep your furry friend happy. And with their subtle cream and grey design, these tins are sure to look the part in even the most elegantly finished kitchens.

Practical and reusable

Plastic storage more up your street? Check out our Tupperware collection. These tubs and lunch boxes are a great way to store yummy leftovers, which you can enjoy at a later date. In varying shapes and sizes, we’ve got you covered whether it’s a single meal or a big batch cook. Bon appetit!