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Christmas Socks

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What would Christmas be without another pair of socks off Grandma? Matalan’s Christmas sock selection ranges from cosy and traditional to wild and whacky. Festive prints include Santa, reindeer, snowman, penguin, Christmas tree, elf and even bah humbug to name a few! Our seasonal socks make a great idea for Secret Santa gifting, as after all, you can never have too many pairs of socks.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the gift of socks. They have been a staple of the gift-giving tradition for years and years. Whenever there’s a pile of Christmas gifts, you can be sure that some of them will be stuffed with festive socks.

Luckily, they’re practical, fun and warm, so everyone should be pleased to receive a pair under the tree or in their stocking this year. We’ve got an endless collection, so you can knock their socks off with your gift-giving.

Why do we give socks at Christmas?

Legend has it that St Nicholas of Myra, who our traditional Father Christmas is based on once performed a miracle that inspires our love of Christmas stockings, and ultimately socks, today. There was a destitute man who couldn’t afford a dowry for his daughters and as they were going to bed one night, they hung their socks above the fire to dry as usual. And as St Nick was passing, he threw three bags of coins through the window, landing them in the socks over the fire. The family was overjoyed in the morning when they saw their riches and the tradition for hanging stockings over the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

This love of stockings has inspired our love of giving socks as a gift, so whoever you’re buying for, men’s Christmas socks, women’s Christmas socks and novelty Christmas socks are a popular choice.

Are Christmas socks comfortable to wear?

The beauty of giving socks at Christmastime is that you don’t have to buy a festive pair as your gift. A fresh pair of cotton socks will be as well received as a novelty pair emblazoned with Santa and his team of magical reindeer.

Choose a comfortable pair of fluffy Christmas socks, and they’re sure to go down a treat. Everyone loves to slip their feet into the cosiest pair on Christmas morning, the fuzzier the better.

And some of our pairs double up as footwear too, choose Christmas slipper socks for a durable, comfortable option with grips on the bottom so they’re non-slip too.

How to wrap Christmas socks?

The great thing about socks as a gift is they can be wrapped in a multitude of ways. If you like traditional wrapping paper and bows, go right ahead and wrap them up. Use festive paper and glittering bows to make even the most simple pair of socks stand out under the tree.

If you prefer the easy option, you could pop them in a gift bag with some tissue paper, for a simple solution that’s quick and doesn’t require much skill.

If you’re looking for a way to make your Christmas socks even fancier, why not wrap them up in a hamper instead? Look for a basket that fits your gift, and maybe even add a few additional treats like chocolate and sweets, or even some coffee, tea, a mug or a book before wrapping it up with some shredded paper and a bow.

Christmas socks are the perfect gift, and we hope that inspires you to make them a little more special this year.