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Christmas Gnomes & Gonks

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What do you get if you cross a garden gnome with Father Christmas? A wonderful festive decoration of course! And that's why Matalan is the place to go for all your festive decorations. Reindeers & Snowmen are so last year - it's all about the gnomes this year. Our selection of Christmas Gnomes will help you create the perfect festive display at home. Why not dress up your garden, front porch or living room with one? Or go all out with some gnome bedding to really get you in the Christmas spirit.

When it comes to decorating with a bit of character for Christmas, we see the same themes year after year after year. Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, has centre stage, followed by his fleet of reindeer, endless snowmen, sweet gingerbread men and even beautiful nutcrackers. But this year, it’s time to embrace the new face in town, the Christmas gnome, or Christmas gonk as he’s sometimes called.

What is a Christmas gnome?

The Christmas gnome originated in Scandinavian folklore, where they’re known as ‘house gnomes’. They protect families by living in, or even underneath, their house, warding off evil, spirits, bad luck and misfortune. In modern times, they take on a role that’s more similar to Santa Claus, leaving presents for children to discover when they wake up on Christmas morning. But legend has it that you have to be nice to the gnomes so that they’re nice to you in return.

Are gonks just for Christmas?

While plenty of gnomes are dressed for the festive season, there’s lots of choice when it comes to styles, so there’s no reason why they need to be packed away with the tinsel by the time January rolls around.

If you’d like to keep enjoying your new friends all year long, why not choose a more neutral colour scheme rather than large Christmas gnomes in red or green? You could even opt for wooden decorations with the gnome motif for an all-year-round festive feel that won’t look out of place in the summer months.

Is there a gnome to suit my style of home?

If you’re keen to introduce a festive friend to your home this year, there’s one to suit every style of home. If you’re a card-carrying Christmas lover, there are gnome characters in bright red, white and green to really set the scene. But if your home is more woodland folk, minimalist or pared back, you could choose a gnome in neutral colours to really blend in with your décor.

Can I use my gnomes outdoors?

Many Christmas gnomes are for indoor use only, but if you’d like to decorate the outside of your home or your garden with one, be sure to choose one of our outdoor Christmas gnomes to make sure they’ll withstand the elements and last the whole season long.

What other types of decoration are available?

Once you’ve got your collection of gnomes, in all different colours and sizes, it doesn’t end there! You can go totally gnome-crazy this year, with decorations emblazoned with characters in every room in the house.

Choose from our range of cushions, bedding and throws to bring a little festive magic to your bedroom. And don’t forget the gnome-themed tea towels, mugs and aprons to sprinkle joy in the kitchen when you’re cooking up your festive feasts.

No home is complete without a Christmas gnome this year, and we’ve got a huge selection to choose from, in all shapes, sizes and colours, so don’t miss your chance to take one home today.