Ethical Sourcing Policy

Ethical Sourcing

For nearly two decades, Matalan has maintained a robust direct ethical sourcing policy and a lot of work has been put in to ensure our supply chain is transparent and closely monitored.

For example, we use a sophisticated tool called BV OneSource, which provides detailed data for internal monitoring and our audit standards are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

Our health and safety standards are formally checked on a regular basis by independent leading auditing companies that monitor worker conditions in garment factories and this will continue to happen.

Our internal audits are conducted by professionals with a background in manufacturing and factory safety, overseen by our Sustainability and Supply Chain Director David Mellett who reports into the Matalan board on the progress of all activity.

The wellbeing of factory employees is of utmost importance to Matalan. All suppliers have to sign documentation to ensure their compliance with the Matalan Sourcing Policy.

Matalan believes that long-term and established relationships with suppliers creates a better business and better products for consumers. Many of our suppliers have worked with us from the very beginning and we work in partnership with them to constantly look at new ways of improving working conditions.

Matalan signed the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and the more recent 2018 Transition Accord and is committed to working with the Steering Group to help achieve its goals.

We look forward to continuing our conversations with the Bangladesh Accord group and other similar organisations as we constantly look for ways of further improving the health and safety of our factories


Animal fur is not permitted on any Matalan fashion products. Any supplier must commit to industry-recognised standards of animal welfare as part of Matalan's due diligence, and products are tested rigorously to ensure compliance with this policy.

Timber Products

Matalan has exercised due diligence, as requested by the European Union Timber Regulation, by using the Bureau Veritas Due Diligence System, operational due diligence system provided by Bureau Veritas and recognised by the European Commission.

Each supplier that has been issued an attestation has been verified by Bureau Veritas Certification against the requirements of the BV DDS. A BV DDS risk assessment has been performed based on a thorough review of relevant documented evidence provided by the company, and when the negligible risk has been found, a BV DDS attestation for the relevant product scope (including species and origin country) has been emitted. These BV DDS verification attestations are valid for a period of 12 months.

Carrier Bags

Everyone at Matalan takes our responsibilities to the environment seriously. Our every day carrier bags are re-useable. We will also replace any carrier bags free of charge as and when a new bag is needed, customers just need to return them to us and we will in turn recycle them as part of our commitment to minimise our environmental impact.

Our Suppliers

Trading ethically, sourcing responsibly, and ensuring the safety and human rights of workers within our global supply chain are key priorities at Matalan. View The List

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