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School Multipacks

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Stock up on handy uniform essentials with our kids' schoolwear multipacks. We’ve got everything you need to kit them out for the new term, from multipacks of school skirts and trousers to polo shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts to keep kids warm in the cooler months. You’ll even find a handy selection of shorts and T-shirts to help you get them prepped for PE. When it comes to accessorising, we’ve got school socks, tights, and scrunchies, as well as hair clips, bows and headbands in a whole range of uniform-friendly colours. Back to school shopping has never been easier!

116 items


School-ready multipacks

The summer holidays are drawing to close, and while you’ll miss the long balmy summer days, there’s every chance you won’t miss the sound of your kids fighting over toys or arguing about what to watch next on the iPad. If you’ve got multiple little ones to buy for, then you’re going to be very pleased when you see our huge range of back to school multipacks – helping you send the kids off to school without breaking the bank.

Growth-spurt-friendly socks

The thing they don’t tell you about kids is how quickly they grow up. If your little one seems to grow out of their socks every other day, then you’ll want to take a look at our children’s sock multipacks that come at reassuringly affordable prices – perfect for stocking up on essentials in time for the new school term.

A shirt for every day of the week

There’s nothing like putting on a crisp white shirt to make your child feel geared up to face the day at big school. That’s why we sell boys’ school shirts and girls’ school blouses in multipacks of five, so they can always feel ready for double maths, and you can feel ready to leave the washing until the weekend.

Long or short sleeve shirts and blouses

Keep your kids feeling cool and comfortable throughout the school year with our range of long and short sleeved shirts and blouses. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold in class, so our collection of boys’ shirts and girls’ blouses ensure they’re always just about right. And, with affordable multi packs of two or five shirts and blouses available, you can make sure they’ve always got a steady supply of clean, smart school wear.